South Jersey Photographer

The Shooting Star Experience!

Visiting the Shooting Star Studio is just magical. Our gardens are bordered with all natural stone and terraced with interest in all seasons, but in the spring, it is truly when the garden awakes! Numerous flowering trees come to life, bulbs and perennials are thriving, the birds are chirping away. There’s a true solace here.  In fact, our gardens were once among state private garden tours!

enter the grounds-Edit
Welcome to Shooting Star!
Our beautiful grounds.
Our beautiful grounds.
Our stream.
Our stream. It is so clear, you can see the fish swimming!
Spring green in full swing!
Spring green in full swing!
100s of Asiatic lilies bloom yearly!
Beauty captivates!
Beauty captivates!
Hundreds of daylilies are planted throughout!
Hundreds of daylilies are planted throughout!
Clematis 🙂
A hawk nesting in our many trees!
A hawk nesting in our many trees!
asian garden-Edit
Our Asian Garden!
Welcome to Shooting Star Photography.. right here in South Jersey!
Welcome to Shooting Star Photography.. right here in South Jersey!

Families and clients who visit, say they stepped into another world and this is not South Jersey… But it is! To add to the overall garden beauty, there is a stream that runs through our property.

Many crayfish, small fish, herons and frogs call it their home. Hawks and Eagles fly overhead. Many Blue Jays and Cardinals nest here all around. One Cardinal, my son has aptly named, “Apple.”

My in-home studio is located in our four seasons room which is heated and has air conditioning.

I LOVE natural light and I try to utilize it as much as I can! There is nothing more beautiful than natural light. However, in the case of cloudy days, we are prepared with studio lights standing by! I am so grateful that I can share my home and private grounds with my clients. It creates an invigorating and peaceful atmosphere. I invite folks to stick around after their session and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer for dad. People feel truly relaxed at our studio!

There is privacy all around and I’m able to offer an inviting and personal touch as part of my overall services. I like that I don’t have to worry about the public ruining or “photobombing” a family session. The other plus side is that I know the light well on my grounds to give the best results in your photos.

I offer this to you, but you are not obliged to have your session at our studio. We are also on-location.

I’ve been fortunate enough to explore all of South Jersey! I have published two books on locations here in South Jersey and started in landscape photography. I am currently writing a book on South Jersey as a whole, where my photographs will also be utilized and published again. I have scouted hundreds and hundreds of locations from Burlington, Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland and Cape May Counties.

If you are looking for a particular scenery, I can offer you something truly unique! I invite you to enjoy the Shooting Star experience! I am all about hospitality and making it a pleasant and fun experience from start to finish!

Best and have a beautiful day!


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