The “B” Family from Burlington County!

Here’s another photo shoot I have not been able to get up on here, due to time constraints. Unfortunately, the blog is the last of my priorities at times! This awesome family came all the way from Burlington County, just to see me!  We had the shoot, here in Shooting Star’s gardens in Salem County.  Some families just want a place that’s private and relaxed!  Well, I am so glad that I can give that to them!

The bond these brothers have=priceless.
Tough guys.


We really have a blast at each session.  It SHOULD be fun and relaxed… However, definitely with some guidance and direction to get some adorable shots.  Mom wanted a bit more casual and that’s what she got!  The two boys definitely were boys, with very “manly” personalities.  You can see the bond these two have for one another.  This was just a wonderful family to work with.  The family is divided half Eagles fan, half Steelers and you can see that they have fun with this rivalry.  They wanted to incorporate this into their family session.


This family was a blast!
Funny outtake, but I always love these!
Funny outtake, but I always love these!
Half Steelers fans.. Half Eagles.. I can't imagine a Sunday when they play against each other!
Half Steelers fans.. Half Eagles.. I can’t imagine a Sunday when they play against each other!
Dad and son... Steelers fans!
Dad and son… Steelers fans!

This family said this is the most fun they every had during a photo shoot and by the looks of it… It truly shows! It was a blast all around!  We got a ton of great photos from this shoot. Many poses, individual kid shots, both brother shots, mom and kids, dad and kids and mom and dad. Mom got all of them!  I hope they are cherished for years and just glad to put a smile to my client’s face.


Until I see you again, folks!


Happy Shooting!




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