Why I Chose Not To Have A Fancy Smancy Website… Like Every Photographer Out There

Why I Chose Not To Have A Fancy Smancy Website… Like Every Photographer Out There

I know I don’t have a fancy website and most photographer’s do, but I do provide my customers with beautiful memories to be cherished for a lifetime. My photography is a bit more artistic, but these look incredible on canvas! That’s honestly all that matters and what it comes down to.  Well, that and of course your customer’s overall experience. I aim for the best costumer service around!

My website isn’t as fancy smancy…as the other photographer’s here, in the South Jersey area…  because…


He finds this blog post amusing too!

I’m just different…

But… My #1 reason…

Ease Of Use

A lot of photography sites take sometimes it seems years to just load a page! Then you have to sit and wait, while it is loading to see more images or pages.  These types of sites really bother me and I immediately just exit out of them.  Most other folks, will do the same.  If your website takes time to load, you need to reevaluate it and make it more easily accessible.

A ton of these crazy photography websites,  are also not mobile enabled or will work with a tablet due to flash programs and loading of such photographs.  Flash is starting to see its way out the door, but I still see websites that still utilize this functionality.

Basically, Make sure your website can be accessed with all devices!


Just my kid modeling for this post.. from this last winter storm.

As of May 2013, 63% of adult cell phone owners use their phones to go online.  42% own a tablet, but this research was done back in 2013, I’m certain this number has risen since then. You are missing out on opportunities, if your website is not customized properly!

I wanted this website to be easy and simple to navigate. You can easily scroll through it to find what you need to.

Well… Hope you enjoyed my blabblin’

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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