Salem County, NJ Fall Photo Shoot!

Welcome to Salem County, New Jersey, where we did this shoot!


This past fall, we had a photo shoot with this little cutie, here in Salem County!  The fall is my favorite shooting season!  I love the weather we have in South Jersey! From September to November, they are the most optimal months.  The days are still long and the weather is usually just perfection! We did this session in the Shooting Star private gardens and created a mock pumpkin patch!  As you can see, this handsome guy had a great time!  If you ever get the chance to have a session, here at the studio, you are in for a true treat!  We have a beautiful stream that runs along our property and we have thousands of mature perennials located in stone terraced gardens!  It’s like you are in another world, not South Jersey!  I’m so thrilled to be able to offer this to my clients! It’s a private retreat for most!  Also, if you’ve never visited Salem County, it is a real treat!  However, remember… I travel anywhere in South Jersey!! Yup, we will travel all over and have hundreds of scouted locations for you to choose from!



Just look at this smile!  Don't you want to pinch his little cheeks?
Just look at this smile! Don’t you want to pinch his little cheeks?
Cutest little man in South Jersey that's for sure!
Cutest little man in South Jersey that’s for sure!
Gosh! I can't get over his smile!
Gosh! I can’t get over his smile!


Just playing with a pumpkin, mom!
Just playing with a pumpkin, mom!



I truly love working with kids and families!  It makes my job so much fun to be able to capture these memories that will last forever!  Plus, photography is a true passion of mine! Hope to work with you soon!


Happy Shooting, my friends!



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