Keeping It Simple In South Jersey

Keeping It Simple In South Jersey

I truly love crisp and clean when it comes to studio work.  You really don’t want too much going on.  I’ve seen some sets where you can’t even find the kid because there is just clutter and props everywhere. A lot of times folks will use a ton of props because their skill level just isn’t there.  Now, these aren’t perfect these photos.. but classic! Props can be  a bit much and those photographs tend to get rather dated very fast!  However, if done correctly, props can definitely add to an image.

These kids came out during a nasty ice storm from Burlington County for this.  Mom just wanted classic black and white portraiture and that’s what mom got.  It was a nice change of pace, as most folks don’t want classic these days!  They WANT the hundreds of props.   The rule of thumb is to accentuate your subject, not take away.  A lot of photographers don’t know the dividing line these days.  Props that are too fashionable will make a photo dated quickly!  This set was extremely minimal and a bit different than the norm, but I think mom will enjoy some of these moments for decades.  Less is definitely more, but hey, what do I know?  Maybe I’m just a bit bizarre? Hehe!   Well, hope you enjoyed the simple and fun set!   Happy Shooting!   -Dee

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