A Little Gal at the Studio!

A Little Gal at the Studio!

Here’s another little gal that visited the studio last fall!  Her mom and I were neighbors in Camden County and they came here to see me and to get photographed!  It was a nice little visit.  All this little gal wanted to do… was to play and play!  She loves the outdoors… so we went outside! She’s definitely a little princess, but with a tomboy twist! She loves Frozen, but she also doesn’t mind getting dirty!  My kind of gal!  I loved that about her personality and it truly shows through the camera!   Here’s just a few photos from our cute little session. I try not to put up too much into each blog, so that I don’t overkill it!



We did some indoor shots. Some regular and some Christmas themed!


She wanted to go outside and play… and play… she did!



What a cutie! Just wanted to play with an old Hess truck from the 80s! We got a little best of the both worlds… She got to play and mom got some cute photos!


However, if you are interested in using me, it gives you an idea of my overall style! It was another beautiful day in our private garden!  I’m so thankful that I can do photo shoots in it! Plus, it gives folks some extra privacy and well, the grounds are just stunning too!  This 2015 is going to be incredible with all the perennials we planted! We also put in a gazebo and I just purchased a bunch of new props! I can’t wait to use them and to share them with others!!! It will truly be magical!  This is going to be a whole new crazy year!


Happy Shooting, my friends!



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