Engagement Session

This was my first engagement session and there was quite a twist with this one… the fiancé broke his foot!  He was in a cast so this made this session just a bit more challenging than most, but what do you know?  I LOVE a challenge… bring it on! I always seem to work well under pressure. It must be from many deadlines of my corporate days!

The challenge for a session... a cast and crutches to get around!
The challenge for a session… a cast and crutches to get around!
Artsy fartsy, vintage with a rainbow! Yes!
Very cute!
Very cute! He asked… She said, YES! Obviously!
Stunning… These two… stunning!
See the cast?
See the cast?

This couple came all the way from Marlton to have their session done. I guess in a way, it tells a story. A story of their love even when injured!  There are only so many poses you can do with someone with an injured foot, but we made do with the circumstances.  He was also in a lot of pain, so it was difficult to move around for different background purposes.  However, he said the show must go on and was a big trooper throughout the entire process. He truly is in love with his new bride-to-be and just wanted to make her happy and he definitely made her happy!

This session was last fall and was done here in Salem County in our garden just to make things a little bit easier for the couple in getting around!

This client was a true sport!
This client was a true sport!
I love the way he looks at her!
I love the way he looks at her!
He is smiling through the pain, literally!
Last one, until we hit the road!
Last one, until we hit the road!

There were only certain poses we could do, but we persevered and these will always be memories to look back on, that’s for sure!  I have to say this was a first though!  I tried rescheduling the session for when he maybe felt a little better and rested and healed, but he didn’t want to hear it! That’s a sport right there, ladies and gentlemen!

I wish these two all the best in their upcoming wedding this year!  These two are perfect for one another! They’re also marrying in one of my favorite months 🙂

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