Photography Classes in South Jersey

Photography Classes in South Jersey

I know many folks have just received a nice, new, and shiny camera for Christmas, or as a birthday present and don’t know how to use it!  If you are looking to take better photos, to get into manual mode, or just take better pictures of your children and grandchildren, you’ve come to the right place!

I have been offering classes, in South Jersey, for quite some time now.  I will provide you with the training and most importantly, the confidence in going forward in your photography journey.


Recent Exploration… Winter 2015

I have been a photographer for years and my work has been showcased all over South Jersey.  Even if you have a point and shoot, you can learn to take better photographs!   I started out in landscape photography and just recently, have been getting into portraiture.  I’ve published two books on my landscape photography while exploring South Jersey.

You just never know what we'll encounter around South Jersey!

You just never know what we’ll encounter around South Jersey!

I will show you how to care for your camera investment and the basics to truly keep you motivated!  I know some cameras can be intimidating, but after one “class” with me, you will see that it isn’t so intimidating!  I will also give you some valuable keepsakes that you can use as a resource to learn even more!

I will be offering group classes in where we go out on an adventure and take photographs of beautiful buildings, landscapes. or people throughout South Jersey.  Plus, this is a great opportunity to meet other hobbyists that are into the same interests and want to learn!

You will learn about lighting, exposure, technique, and general composition in how it applies in photography.  Plus, you will learn your camera!

Classes will be forming shortly!  It will be a fun experience for all!  We will get to explore something new and to learn how to photograph!

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