Black and White Photographs Of ALL My Families From 2014!

Black and White Photographs Of ALL My Families From 2014!

Last year, I started up Shooting Star Photography as a legal business. My launch date was on October 11, 2014.  I ended last year with over 23 sessions.  For just starting out in this business, those aren’t too bad of numbers.  I specialize in mainly family photography with folks from all over South Jersey and I wanted to showcase them all here… in last year’s highly popular black and white matte.


Some of the families were shot at our studio and others on location.  Hope you enjoy this nice little collection.  I had such a great time working with every single one of them.  I walked away learning more and more and gradually improving (which is what I aim to do).  Best of all, I love working with kids and as you see in this photographs, that I work with animals too.  Not every session I had been families, so I did not include them here.



This photography journey has been a true blessing.  I am meeting people from all walks of life and putting smiles on faces.  That’s all I am aiming to do. I love providing a service from start to finish and take great pride in doing this!


I have BIG plans for this year and have invested in new equipment.  I have also been taking classes during the winter downtime (as is common in this industry, this is the slow season.)  I’m really excited for what 2015 is going to bring and what it has brought thus far.


I will be holding family mini-sessions at secret locations in every county of South Jersey this year.  We will also have a mini or two at the Jersey shore.  I know many wonderful locations as part of owning  I can’t wait to show what I have to offer!   Plus, also show my improvement and willingness to learn!

Photography is a journey. People who have been in the business for over 20 years are still learning. I hope to be a student for as long as I can. This is a true passion of mine, whether it is related to portraiture or landscapes!


Well… Hope to see you or “shoot” you soon!


Happy Shooting!



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