This South Jersey Gal Loves Working With People!

This South Jersey Gal Loves Working With People!

To be a successful photographer in South Jersey, it’s actually more personality than the technical stuff. Us South Jerseyans are all about personality! Truly! 

Some say, being successful is the 80/20 rule. 80% technical and 20% your understanding of settings, lenses, cameras, depth of field, and studying light. I am always a student by learning, studying, and taking classes!  Knowledge is power and it also helps to keep me on my toes. I make it a point to learn something new and practice daily! 

It’s a wonderful thing because all of this 20% can all be learned (the technical aspect)… If you don’t have the personality, business savvy, or don’t like to work with people, portrait photography is probably not going to work out for you!

Love this casual shot of the family!

Love this casual shot of the family! Taken at one of my secret locations!

What I’m getting at is that…

You can’t just develop a personality overnight!  A lot of your personality traits are genetics playing a role or just your general upbringing. Some folks are introverts, but have a great artistic eye. That’s fine… completely fine, but it truly is harder for them to talk to or relate to others.. aka their clients. 

What I’m trying to say is that you need a personality to shine as a photographer.  You need strong communication skills.  You also have to keep folks energized and engaged! And of course keep your skills sharp! 

 We’ve all heard of those photographers that are known to be jerks and have egos the size of Mt. Everest. Trust me, I see it every day in this field! Actually, I have never seen bigger egos than in this profession. The high and mighty types. I truly can’t stand people like that. Also, it isn’t good for business because they often forget about good old customer service and putting the customer first. Of course, there are some customers that can’t always be pleased, but it’s your job to try your hardest. 

You need to remember, that you can easily be replaced, by hundreds of others gunning for the same job, in this highly saturated market. Listen to your client and deliver what they ask, not what you think is appropriate. It’s an ability to learn and listen to your client that is going to keep you in business. 

These egocentric photographers may put out amazing work, but while clients go back through their albums, they’ll always remember the experience as an ugly one. Ouch! The mean and rude photographer that we had!  

We’ve also probably heard of photographers that work with a lack of direction, in their session, and this does affect the final product! However, no photographer is a magician either. We do try to be though!  The good ones do! 

Being a successful photographer is about having a bubbly personality, but also being able to connect with your 1 year old clients as well as your 100 year old clients.  You need to have focus, direction, and confidence! Yet, really enjoy working with people! It’s a business. Treat people with respect, get to know them, and you’ll go far. 

Prior to my sessions, I like to ask questions. I actually have a “Getting To Know You Questionnaire.”  I like learning everyone’s names, ages and especially with the little ones, I like to learn what their favorite movie is or favorite toy. It makes it easier to connect with the kids during their session. You get more genuine laughs and smiles… Plus, it puts them more at ease. 

You may find this hard to believe, but most people do not like getting their pictures taken (I am definitely one of them.) If I can make things run smoothly and help to relax my customers… Perhaps, make them laugh a little and make this a fun experience… Then… I have done my job! 

I am all about the entire experience before, during, and after. However, if my clients are happy and relaxed during a photo session, then the end result/product of your photographs are going to turn out wonderful!

See even babies, you need to learn to connect with.  This little princess is only 6 weeks old!

See even babies, you need to learn to connect with. This little princess is only 6 weeks old!

It is my job to have a general vision in how I want to capture my families, couples or children. It is a joining of two sides with the photographer and client, to truly make your photos magical.  

As your South Jersey photographer, it’s my job to make my customers look their best, feel their best, and be able to capture these moments.  These will last forever and possibly saved for generations. 

 From the beginning, if you decide to work with me… We’ll develop a plan and discuss the style you are wanting to go after.  Whether it be candid, posed, artistic… You name it. If you wish me to plan it all out, that’s fine too!

I’m here to provide a service, enjoyable experience, and beautiful photographs! 

I hope you found this post useful!

 Happy Shooting, my friends!


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