Valentine’s Day at Shooting Star

Valentine’s Day at Shooting Star

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day!  You want to know why?  Love is in the air and it also means that winter is almost over!  It’s been a semi-cold winter here in South Jersey!   We’ve hardly had any snow yet… but I cannot wait for Spring… The birds, the bees, butterflies and flowers coming into bloom!  Warmer weather, the sun shining… ahhh!  I can’t wait!   There really isn’t anything like it!  Especially, at our studio.  Our garden is absolutely to die for! Everything just comes to life here.

Well… lets get back to Valentine’s Day.  We were fortunate enough to have a few kids come around this year.  Our set-up was red and pink, with a white floor.  I love simplicity and not a ton of props!  I do prefer shooting outdoors a majority of the time anyway and not entirely a huge fan of studio photographs.    I feel that after a few years, a studio photo looks truly dated when a ton of props are used.  I prefer classic and the focus on the subject, if I do studio photos!  Simplicity and refined is more my style!

Here are some of the kiddos that came out!  We had a standard red backdrop and then used some of the latest background props… the pinwheels in pink attached to the backdrop. We did not go too crazy and anyone can do this at home!

I hope everyone in South Jersey has a very Happy Valentine’s Day!  These kids were a trip and we had a lot of fun!

Happy Shooting!


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