Family Session in South Jersey, South Jersey Photographer

A Family Shoot in Salem County!

Back in the fall, it was then, that I started out with this photography business.  I went from hobbyist to professional and started my journey.  This family here was one of the first’s I ever did. I have learned so much since this time.  However, every session is a learning session for me as I continue to grow as an artist.  Working with families takes a bit of skill.  It’s knowing where to place your subjects that can make or break it.  When you add the kids, it can open up a lot more worms.  Being a kid photographer, one must learn patience, but one must also know how to talk to them to get them the direction you want the session to go.

As you can see, this is the… who are you? You are going to be doing what stage? The initial meeting.
She's warming up!
She’s warming up!
Oh wait! I'm starting to get an ALMOST smile!
Oh wait! I’m starting to get an ALMOST smile!
First family capture.. she's like okay.. maybe I'll do this?
First family capture.. she’s like okay.. maybe I’ll do this?

A little warming up beforehand can help a ton!  Get to know your little clients.  Tell them what you will be doing and who you are.  Get on their level and just talk.  You can also show them your equipment.  Take a cute snapshot and show them the photo that you just took right on the spot!

I also go over with my clients a little prep work beforehand to help ensure we get a good session.  Kids and patience do not mix so as a photographer you need to be quick.  After a half hour, the kids get bored.  Make it a game!

And this started happening! One of my most favorite locations here in South Jersey!
A smile!
A smile!
Cute family shot.
Cute family shot.
Mom and little one!
Mom and little one!
Dad and big sister!
Dad and big sister!
The fam.. this is more candid.
With mom and dad.
With mom and dad.
Dad and mom.
Dad and mom.

These are just a few captures from our session.  It still ensued and we had some other beautiful shots in a cornfield and a few other poses that I did not post. However, I wanted to show the progression on how I was able to warm up the little one and by the end of our shoot… she was A NATURAL!

I also tell the kids that if we have a good session that they can pick out some lollipops at the end.  I also put a good ol’ fashioned pez dispenser on my hot shoe.  I tell them to look at Mr. Frankenstein or Thomas the Train, hey whatever I’m feeling that day and that if I get a nice shot that they can help themselves to Mr. Pez. It works like a charm! Any photographer will tell you, kids are tough especially the age 1-2 age. They just want to explore, it’s in our nature.  As professionals, we need to learn how to make it work!

With this session, I think it turned out well.  Mom wanted a bit more artsy and some street shots and that’s what she got!  I know a ton of these places all throughout South Jersey.  It doesn’t matter what county in SJ.  However, Salem County has some pretty incredible scenery and I like to throw Salem County in there sometimes because it truly offers the best shooting locations.

This particular location (street) goes back a few centuries, history-wise.  The location is included in my book of Salem County that I published.  It truly is a spectacular scene in the spring and fall months. Spring due to the beautiful and fresh greenery of the leaves and well, you know how fall is!  Tree-lined pathways are becoming more and more hard to come by, due to telephone wires interceding or old trees dying.  This is a nice scene with very mature trees. A rarity in South Jersey.. well, imagery like this anyway.. Plus, there is really no traffic that you have to concern yourself with here!  When it comes to photographing kids or anyone in that matter… ALWAYS safety first!!!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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