Another photo session at the Studio!

I am still playing catch-up here in getting some of my work posted!  I’ve been so busy!  I just started an editing class and learning so much and with the business and the kids, it can get exhausting, but busy is always good in my eyes!  I just purchased new props, new equipment, new business cards, new practically everything!  I am excited for what 2015 will bring and am all ready for it!

These two brothers are adorable!
I want to pinch those cute cheeks!
I want to pinch those cute cheeks!
If I can get mom and dad to laugh during our session, then I've done my job!
If I can get mom and dad to laugh during our session, then I’ve done my job!

Here’s a session I did last fall.  This was taken in our garden at Shooting Star in Salem County (however, we’re very near the border of Gloucester County).  This family came all the way from Marlton to join us for a brother session and a family sitting for autumn photos… and when I say the family… the whole entire crew, including the dog!  Pets are family too! I always welcome a friendly furry member or child as part of our sessions!  I always bring a fresh bowl of water and a little treat for your pet! Also, the kids always get treats too! I am all about the experience in that it should be a fun and memorable session!  Who really likes getting their photographs taken? I am a photographer and I don’t even like getting them done! So if I can make my clients relaxed and happy and enjoy themselves, well… I’ve done my job!

One of my favorites near our stream, here in Salem County!
Would anyone like a leaf?
Love this shot of the family and the dog!
Love this shot of the family and the dog!


Here are some photos from that session! The boys were great to work with and I finally got some nice photos by our stream! I was wanting to do that for awhile! The dog was the best behaved dog, I ever met and mom and dad were such a joy!  Hope you enjoyed these photos!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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