Our Studio Is Going Mobile!

Our Studio Is Going Mobile!

Yup, you heard that right, South Jersey!  We are going to take our studio on the road.  We will be offering studio packages in your own home!

Here is why!

We want to make it easier on mom!  We know that after coming home from the hospital and that first year can be a pain to travel anywhere!  If not breastfeeding, you have to pack milk, or a bottle, food, a diaper bag, change of clothing, etc. It can get exhausting sometimes even just having to go to the store, is a bit of an inconvenience.  Having to lug around a car seat or going to the grocery store is always a blast, isn’t it?  I put myself in my clients shoes! If I can offer something that makes being photographed a better experience, well that’s what I want to do!


A 6 week old little gal in our studio! Baby “A”.

Trust me! I understand! Having been there myself and still in the same shoes! I have an eleven month old!  However, she’s getting much better at carting around.  I find the first 6 months to truly be the hardest!

I feel that if I can offer in-home sessions, it’s just a more relaxed atmosphere for mom and for baby!

I will be offering a mobile studio with a backdrop choice and will bring a floor drop and some extra lighting and props.

I do have some requirements though.  The room must get some natural light or be adequate enough and the room must be large enough for my mobile studio to fit.

This will be an additional fee in accordance to my sessions. Since it does put a bit more wear and tear on my overall equipment for transport and time for setting up.

However, if wanting a lifestyle session or experience this is included in our session fee!  Since there is no huge equipment to be setting up!


Lifestyle photography.

Please contact us today. Our fee for this service is minimal considering what we are able to offer!  I want customer service to be a huge component to my services, so if I can help alleviate some stress and put you at ease… Well, I’m in!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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