Shooting Star Photography- In South Jersey… General Facts

Shooting Star Photography- In South Jersey… General Facts

Here at Shooting Star, in South Jersey, we are here to provide you the best service available in our general area.  We offer the most superb and most unique scouted locations for your photo shoot, as well as a private in-home or outdoor garden studio! Yup, we have an amazing outdoor studio… with thousands of flowering perennials! You’ll have to see it for yourself!


Just going a little crazy with this edit 🙂

Here are some fun facts, so you can get to know us better!

General Facts

1. Where is Shooting Star located?

We are located in South Jersey, Woodstown to be exact.  A lot of folks think this is far away… However, I am only about 15-20 minutes away from Deptford and Camden County.  I am a short drive from most places in South Jersey, due to our location in the state. We are located near most major highways, like 295, 55 and the turnpike.

However, not to worry!  We will come to you!

2.  What is Shooting Star’s booking requirements?

We require just a $20 retainer to hold your spot. The rest can be paid at the time of your session. We do this to protect both client and photographer. Most photographers ask for more, however, we ask for this small retainer as good faith that you will arrive to your session.

3.  Is Shooting Star a legal business?

Absolutely!  We are registered as a LLC with the state of New Jersey, we pay sales tax every quarter and are licensed to operate and insured business.

4.  How Do I Pay For My Session or Product?

We accept Visa or MasterCard, or cash and will invoice you accordingly.

5. Do you allow pets? 

Yes!  Please just give us a heads up!  However, in my family sessions, we have had a few dogs.  Dogs and pets are family too!We may even provide them with a little treat, if only they behave (I’m sure they will)!  We also do Pet Photography.  In our studio or any location you prefer!

6.  What is the best time of day for a session?

Generally, the rule of thumb for photographers is what we call “Golden Hour” this is 2-3 hours prior to sunset, depending on the season or time of the year.

However, I have shot many of sessions in midday sun and I am experienced in this regard.  I can adapt to any situation or condition. It’s why I am a called a professional photographer.

7.  What do I wear for my session?

Wear something that is nice, yet casual.  Your hiney may get a little wet depending on the location or what poses you want… You may also get a little dirty!  It’s all up to you and what you want!  I have some pdf files on what to wear.  However, coordinating, but not matchy matchy colors always look great!  Don’t be afraid of color or prints, either!  Pick one outfit and build around that, if it’s a family shoot. You’ll create something FABULOUS trust me!

8.  Where do we go for our session?

We can go anywhere you like!  It depends on the style you are looking for.  However, I have hundreds of scouted locations in my repertoire, from vacant lots, to barn-styled, nature, sunset, and even beautiful beach locations!  Tell me what you want and I will make it happen!  If there is a place of meaning or of value to you, or to your family… let us know! We’re always up for something new!

9. What is your traveling fee?

I will travel up to 40 miles from the vicinity of my home.  After that, I charge $0.50 per mile.  In the grand scheme of things, it comes out to just a few bucks!

10.  How long will it take for me to receive my photos?

I often have the photos finished in less than a week!  When finished, they are uploaded to a private high-resolution gallery for you to see them or to download! In my contract, it states that it can take up to 3 weeks, but this is usually in effect for the busy season. I have never had to go to 3 weeks even in busy season. The most anyone has ever had to wait was about 7 days.

My turnaround time is important and apart of my customer service!

11.  Do you give refunds?

Since this is a service I provide and I am retained for this service and for that chosen day. I do not offer refunds.  However, I only charge a $20 retainer fee out of good faith. This will not be returned. However, returns are at the discretion of myself, depending on the circumstances.

12.  What if we have to reschedule for personal issues or weather?

Safety is my number one priority when it pertains to clients!  I will contact the client in the case of bad weather and we will discuss our options. You must reschedule your photo session within 2 weeks of cancelling the session due to personal conflicts, or for bad weather.

Hopefully, I was able to address any questions you may have down the line.  If I haven’t, you know how to reach me!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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