What Do I Bring With Me To A Photo Shoot?

What Do I Bring With Me To A Photo Shoot?

I take being a photographer rather seriously. I know the folks of South Jersey pay good money to have their photographs taken of their family and that these will be treasured forever. I am ALWAYS prepared ALWAYS. For every location that I have scouted in South Jersey, I know where the sun sets and the best places at these scouted locations that will accentuate and highlight my client’s best features. I implement an architecture and nature plan. I want to use a building as a backdrop as an element and I also like to include nature… that way there’s a nice mix and variety of different styles and poses in the same shoot. I also like water, trees, grasses, flowers… I like to include it all.

When it comes to you, the client, just bring yourself! Seriously. I have everything covered!


Notice how this photo is relaxed, yet posed! It is how I work with my customers to get the BEST results. This was taken at one of my secret locations in South Jersey. This location has the elements of architecture, as you see the old farm-styled background with brick, as well as a water element a lake, a bridge and a forest.

Sometimes my sessions look like two or three different sessions all rolled into one. Which makes it rather nice! Best of all, my clients are ecstatic when they see the variety they get upon receiving their images. Most of my clients have ordered canvases for their homes and I take great pride in seeing that they value me as a professional.


As you can see the country backdrop plays as the beauty┬áhere. Knowing your lighting and locations is what will put you up top. I know how the light hits here during the day. I sometimes do mid-afternoon photo shoots. A no no in some photographers eyes. It’s a no no because a lot of photographers do not know how to shoot in these types of situations. I have studied photography for many years and know how to work within certain parameters, even full noon blasting sunshine.

So… what do I bring with me to my shoot? Practically everything. I am always PREPARED, preparation is key. My camera batteries are charged, I make sure my SD cards are ready to go and empty (meaning deleted), I bring with me the lenses I want to use… and I ALWAYS have a backup camera on hand. ALWAYS.

Prior to my sessions, I have things planned out to what I want to do. I also collaborate with my clients in any ideas they would like to incorporate or do within their session. I provide a nice detailed questionnaire that enables myself to get to know you… Your style, what poses or pictures you want, and any specifics.

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Recent mini shoot… Here at shooting star!


I am always early for my sessions. I come from a business background. I worked for a Fortune 500 company and my job was working with VP’s and CEO’s of other Fortune 500 companies. I am a professional, first and foremost. Early is on time and that is always my motto. However, I also like to get there early to setup my settings and how the light is shining that particular day, that way I am fully prepared for your when you arrive.

I also always have a clean blanket on hand, in case you do not wish to sit on the ground, or it has happened to rain the night before, you don’t want to get all wet!

In the event that kids are involved, I have a method to keep them engaged while I’m taking their photographs. Working with children takes patience, but it also needs to be fun for them to gain their interest and I do my best to do that! At the end of every shoot, I usually have a little something for them for their “good behavior.”


As you can see, I engaged with well my clients. These two are relaxed and hugging each other. They are a brother and sister and we just had a blast. Notice their smiles and how relaxed they are.

I also like to take 5 minutes to warm up to children, show them what I’ll be doing. Physically show them. I sometimes will let them take a photo just so they can see for themselves what will be happening. Again, it’s preparation… In this case, preparing the kids for what is in store for them the next 45min to an hour. I don’t like going over an hour. Most kids are done within the first 30 minutes so I try to make it as quick and painless for them.

As I said, I am a professional first and foremost and I come from a business background. However, I also have a very energetic personality and this personality MADE me successful when I worked directly with these CEO’s and VP’s. These are companies we all have heard of and make billions of dollars a profit a year.

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Another secret location. Wildflowers grow on the premises here. This would make for some stellar road shots as leading lines are my specialty. There is also a few lakes on the premises and an abandoned location next door for more of an architectural feel.

I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of product to these corporations. I always delivered and had my ducks in a row before any rollout. I established long-lasting relationships with these clients even after the sale. I remember having to work with a client to develop trust, for over a year, before they even purchased anything. However, it was that dedication and perseverance that they admired and I made a client for life after that. They were my client until I left that company. I also believe that client ended up not working with the company I left, because I was no longer there and they wanted to work with me and only me. Honesty and hard work pays off, respecting your customers and clients and providing a valuable service will make you successful in any career. This is what I apply to life in general and I am a woman of my word. ALWAYS.

In working with myself, you will know I am always prepared, on time and I will make your experience fun and memorable. I will put you at ease and make you laugh. The more relaxed you are, the better quality of the photos you will have. There is nothing like seeing photos where folks are uncomfortable. After every session I have ever had, folks say it was the most fun they ever had when working with a photographer. I have a way of directing folks in a way that isn’t too bossy and I always have a plan to get to the direction that you (the client) and I want it to go.

Hope this information helps for you to get to know me better and how we do things here!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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