My 5 Minute Challenge!

My 5 Minute Challenge!

As a photographer, I love putting myself up to any challenge!  Recently, I put my skills to the test.  A lot of folks think it is the camera that takes good pictures… Well, they’re absolutely wrong!  It’s truly the person behind it!

Recently, I put myself up to a challenge and I put forth certain conditions.


Hi there mom!


I wanted a vintage feel for these shots!

I used a cheap point and shoot with manual settings, it was midday sun… Harsh sunlight and only had five minutes to take photographs.  I love keeping my skills fresh and am always pushing myself to see what I can do.

I grabbed the cheap photography gear and took my mom with me to a place in Salem County. It’s an old railroad bed that is not in use. Before folks talk about safety and trespassing, I checked with the township to see if it was fine to shoot and was legal.  They said sure, go ahead.


This one is my favorite!


Mom is almost sixty years old!

I took mom to the site. Set my phone alarm for 5 minutes and snapped away. Now, they are not the best photographs in the world and would never use this gear with my clients, but it was an effort to show that it is not about the camera!  It’s surely the photographer behind it.

I also wanted to get a few captures of mom since she hasn’t had professional photos done in probably over a decade. Often times, as photographers, we are so focused on new business and our  current clients, we get so caught up in editing or planning, that we forget to get captures of our own family.


Love you mom!


Thanks for accepting this challenge!

I took these with a Sony Cybershot  DSC-HX20V and still think they came out quite decent considering the 5 minute, high sun rule. In the future, I think I’m going to put up different challenges.  It was a fun and short experience, that’s for sure!  However, these are great in growing as photographers!

I’m actually surprised at how sharp these came out!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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