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Spring Mini’s at Shooting Star!

Shooting Star Photography is offering spring mini sessions, here in South Jersey, for March 22nd. A few folks have already booked… so make sure you book soon, if you are looking  to reserve a specific time!  Our garden is already showing signs of spring, there are so many bulbs popping up, it is going to be beautiful here. I always encourage my clients to peruse around our garden while they are waiting or if they just want to go for a little stroll around while they’re here. It’s always fun!

Our mini special is $49, this special includes a 25-30 minute session, 3 hi-resolution digitals to download from an online gallery and 1 8×10. You may order more items and all of our pricing is located on our price tab from the main page. I don’t do these very often and am excited to announce that we will be doing spring mini’s.  My mini’s are very rare as they sometimes take a full preparative concept and then the entire planning of the set and even putting up and taking down can be a lot.

Mini’s are more than technically one session in an entire day, it could be 8-10 families or children that come to see you within that day, so one must have the energy to do them!  The equipment and my backup camera, batteries fully charged and memory sticks locked and loaded. In offering mini’s, I like to welcome people to my home. The setup is generally easier (I can walk right outside the door) and it’s a matter of convenience.  Also, my garden acts as a beautiful backdrop and I love how private it is.  Privacy is what a lot of folks hold dear and folks feel relaxed and at ease here.

My daughter modeling the Spring 2015 set for me!
I think anyone would buy a bunny from this dapper young man.  What do you think?
I think anyone would buy a bunny from this dapper young man. What do you think?
Another photograph of my little girl! She also took her first step today!  Oh boy!
Another photograph of my little girl! She also took her first step today! Oh boy!

I am not one for theme’s.  I like more natural settings, but from time to time, they can be fun.  However, I do find the mini’s beneficial to parents.  Most kids, don’t have the attention span to sit still for too long… after all they are kids, so instead of paying for a full-hour session in which parents know their kids and know some kids can’t make it through an hour, that mini’s are the most ideal.  They are quick and painless… plus, can be a ton of fun!

The kid is showing off his "merchandise" of bunnies!
The kid is showing off his “merchandise” of bunnies!
The kid is deep in thought…

Yesterday, I took my kids out in the yard to take photographs of the potential setup we will be using.  I love my kids and they make the best models sometimes.  I also get their holiday sessions in… so it’s a win-win on both sides. However, using my kids to model, it gives me a general feel in how I want the set to be designed. I also get to test out lighting in a particular location, or even test the overall design plan with general wear and tear. I will be fine-tuning this setup. I love some things, like the little stand and eggs scattered throughout, but there are a few other things I will be changing up to make this absolutely perfect for my clients.

If the weather is going to be too cold, or it ends up raining that day, we will be doing studio shots indoors with a backdrop and this general setup, so either way, you will have a pleasant day!  BUT it is SPRING!  Outdoor photos would be most ideal to celebrate the season, don’t you think? I guess we will see what Mother Nature has in store for us!   Happy Shooting my friends! -Dee

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