A Tisket, A Tasket… A Strawberry in a Basket

A Tisket, A Tasket… A Strawberry in a Basket

We’ve been having some very odd spring weather… Well I guess “normal weather” in what we see this time of year in South Jersey. Some days it gets hot out and up to 60+ degrees and then other days call for snow.

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Look at this beautiful strawberry and blue-eyed baby! My favorite shot from this shoot!

Such a little cutie!

Such a little cutie!

I took advantage of the warmer weather the other day and I found a “strawberry” growing in our garden at Shooting Star!  The baby girl I worked with is 11 months old and we put a strawberry cap on her with a green diaper cover… put her in an adorable basket and magic happened!  She was such a doll to work with!


I can’t get over those blue eyes! I love the bokeh in the background too! For folks who don’t know, that’s the blurry background you see there! This is not done in Photoshop. It is a way of shooting in camera!


I asked her to wave to the camera and this is what I got! So precious!


The cutest little strawberry, ever!


And of course… this is classic!!! Sometimes crying baby shots are too funny!

The Shooting Star garden grounds are starting to come alive!  Snowdrops are blooming, crocuses and daffodils are just about to bloom.  It’s a beautiful site! In fact, we are hosting a weather here tomorrow… and yes, the weather is calling for snow… This will get interesting, but I think it will be a blast!  I love naked babies!  I know a lot of kids and young adults don’t appreciate seeing themselves naked when they’re older, but I think it captures the innocence and sweetness of them! Plus, I just adore babies!  I have two of my own and they’ll always be my little babies in my eyes, no matter how old they get! I have my first wedding shoot this weekend and will most-likely be in the snow and then Easter mini’s this Sunday!  It is looking to be a very busy weekend!  I have also just ordered a bunch of new props for this upcoming Spring/Summer and will probably be offering outdoor mini’s at one of my beautiful scouted locations next month!  I am so excited for what this year is going to bring! I am also excited about our garden! We planted over 1,000 new perennials last year and I can’t wait to utilize it for photo sessions!  I love that I can offer my clients that privacy… rather than going to a park and to be disturbed!!! However, my scouted locations also offer that privacy as well!   Give us a call!  We would love to welcome you to our garden and create lasting memories for you! Happy Shooting, my friends! -Dee

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