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Another Mini at the Studio!

Last weekend, we had spring mini’s at the studio in South Jersey.  We were suppose to celebrate this beautiful season by going outside, but the weather would not allow it! The ground was too mushy from the snow we received on Friday (I also did a wedding on Friday and am almost complete with the editing). I elected to do them indoors.  I had 4 families arrive throughout the day and this was my first session of the day. I will add more when they get completed!


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What a peach! This was taken at our studio in Woodstown!! Don’t let the location bother you! We travel to you as well!


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Cute alert!


I'd buy bunnies from her!
I’d buy bunnies from her!
This was one of my favs!
This was one of my favs!


This session here, lasted about 20-25 minutes and were able to get a nice variety of captures within this time frame.  I truly believe that kids this age really can’t go much longer and this is why mini sessions are the way to go sometimes.  Ages 1-3 can often times be difficult for parents as well.  Mini sessions allow the kids to get some cute photos without having temper tantrums!  You all know how this age goes!

My Trick?  Well, I ask parents to sign a getting-to-know-you questionnaire prior to the session. It helps me to get to know the kids and parents with this. I also let the kids warm up a bit before I start shooting away.  I don’t immediately go snapping away.  Some kids get scared of this and of course a stranger clicking in their face is never a fun time! I’ll usually do some “test shots” and I tell them this. I will also show the children the shot I took of them.  It seems to ease them into it for an enjoyable session all around, for both photographer and mom and dad!  It works!  I have yet to see it not!

I tried out new lighting this time and I’m in love with the soft feeling of it! I will have to give it a whirl for the future. It’s also very easy to set up!  Thank you Gary Fong, photography pioneer, on this effective lighting suggestion! Seriously, Mr. Fong, you rock!  I really love the soft feel of this new lighting. It’s not as harsh as before and I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to my photography because I expect and want nothing, but the best for myself and my clients!

The most adorable smile!
The most adorable smile!
Pretty as a princess!
Pretty as a princess!
Easter eggs, anyone?
Easter eggs, anyone?


More easter eggs?
More easter eggs?
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Love the bow!


And that's all folks!  See you next time!
And that’s all folks! See you next time!

I’ll post some more mini photos here soon! I also have a few weddings (yup, testing that avenue out!)  and a few family/single sessions that I need to get up here on the blog ASAP!  Plus, update the portfolio.  We truly have been busy!!!

We’re attempting an extreme marketing campaign by offering very reasonable fees for sessions right now!  Since we are a new business, to South Jersey, we are really trying to get our name out there! Please look at our new pricing menu!  We are also going the route of a boutique experience, where we will consult with the client in regards to what they wish  out of their session.  Also, by discussing our options, props, time of day, types of poses, etc. We also offering a beautiful high-end (yet keeping it affordable) product line.  I also have scouted locations all throughout South Jersey… From Camden County to Cape May County, we’ve got you covered!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!

Dee Giumetti



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