My Personal Pledge

My Personal Pledge

People want to have personalized experiences and want to feel important in this modern-day world. Service has truly become abysmal, no matter where you go. I am grateful for being a new business (almost 30 sessions in and booking and growing from my initial start date of, October 11, 2014).

 I am grateful that these clients come to see me and some have even come back to see me already. They make it possible for me to make my living in an agreeable way.  In that regard, I am going to give them, the very best I possibly can! I give my best to each family/child session and my work becomes better and better because of it!


The little gal at the studio. Oh and the “blur” this was all done IN CAMERA no Photoshop necessary!



Starting this 2015 year, I have made it a mission to put customer service as my number one priority.  You matter to me! You are important! Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today!  I am here not only as a professional, but in a way to gain new life-long working friendships!  

And if you want to make friends, you got to put yourself out to do things for other people- things that require time, energy, unselfishness and thoughtfulness.  This is the passion I put into my business and give to my clients.  This is what separates myself from most and why folks WANT to work with me and are even coming back, here in South Jersey! 

 This is what I can offer you! 

Availability… Yes!  I will answer the phone when you call, I will answer your emails or questions in a timely fashion.  I value your time, your inquiries, I value you!  I will have a quick turn-around time for your photographs! I have never gone over 4-5 days (even at my busiest of times) to have them available to you! 

EVERY CUSTOMEgets a personalized thank you card after each session.  

Yes, I personally write out a note for each and every one of my clients (even if it was just a mini-session).  I offer high-end products as well as a boutique level of service and try to make it affordable for everyone. I feel people are deserving of beautiful memories, no matter what income or demographic you are from. 

Photography is a passion of mine and nothing is better than seeing laughter, seeing a smile and holding on to those memories forever. They are treasured for decades!


A young lady and shot I took at a family session! I truly captured her natural beauty!



You will also gain my respect. Respect, in this day and age, is very few, far, and in between.  If you do not want a child’s photo listed on the internet, or are uncomfortable with that (some parents are), I will respect your decision and not post them!   

 Service has been forgotten in these times.  It has not been forgotten on my end. I want to stand out from the crowd and among my South Jersey cohorts.  I feel this is what will help me grow.

Let me have the chance to show you what true professional service is about!  I feel that if I can understand my clients and their needs, I will become successful. You cannot have success, if you don’t treasure your clients because that’s what I do, I sincerely treasure each and every client of mine.  

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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