Top 5 Reasons To Work With Me (Only Click Here… if you are awesome)

Top 5 Reasons To Work With Me (Only Click Here… if you are awesome)

There are a gazillion photographers out there and they all look all the same, they put out the same product and well, it gets a little boring, but there are a few things that will set me apart and why you (yup, you’re awesome, did you know that?) would want to work with me!

So.. I gathered up a spectacular top 5 list and hope you enjoy the quirky humor and maybe have a good laugh?

DSC03519 copy

When I work with kids, I usually give them a little treat after our sesson! As seen here!

1. Personality

That’s me, Mrs. Personality. In fact, I was class clown for many years in my youth and even had aspirations of being on Saturday Night Live “when I grew up.”  I light up a room and make people laugh and feel at ease. I swear they made that song… “They call you Mr. Personality because you’re so ugly”  about me! Humor is a huge component of my life and I’m able to laugh even in the darkest moments.  I realized very young that life is too short and one must live it and enjoy it! You should know that I’m endlessly cheerful and full of giddiness!

I have two kids myself and apply this humor into everyday life with them. My kids are laughing and happy all the time and are very well-behaved and adjusted little monkeys. I apply this love and humor when I work with kids and babies. Many folks are amazed how I get the kids to cooperate and even can get a genuine smile out of a child who doesn’t like to smile much. I’m not afraid of making myself look like a fool to get those beautiful photos! I truly have a way with people and I love people!

You are seriously going to have a great time during your session!  Everyone that I have worked with says it is the most fun they ever had being photographed! That means being relaxed and having the time of your life! Seriously, I love capturing life and smiles! My clients are just like you!  Happy, cheerful and funny!

2.  I’m A Big Nerd.

I don’t know what happened to me and I use to be considered “cool”, but something happened and switched in my adult life! Haha! I enjoy Dr. Who, I can laugh at the Big Bang Theory and understand what comes out of Sheldon’s mouth. I know weird facts that a lot of people don’t know, I like going on adventures (like hiking an old pirate highway here in South Jersey where the Pirates were known to roll their rum barrels on) and discovering unique places all over SJ (I share them on my South Jersey History & Adventures Website),

I’m a wanderlust and have traveled all over the world (heading to Ireland this year). I like reading and have a large library in my home and like to collect books. I love gardening. I am a huge nut! Give me a Latin name of a plant and I’ll tell you all about it.  I have one of the most beautiful private gardens in South Jersey and welcome my customers here all the time for sessions. It’s my Garden of Eden and I love to share it.

However, being a wanderlust has allowed me to find really neat locations for my customers!! I strive to be different and to offer a different experience! Yup, a huge dork… Told Ya!

DSC03627 copy

Kids being kids! An outtake of one of our sessions! We’re having a blast!

3. People

I love people and am actually one of those who actually loves working with people. This is why I believe I was bred for being a photographer. You won’t get any unnatural, awkward photos from me.  Fake smiles… Sheesh, no way that’s not even in my vocabulary! I am a bit like a chameleon (as have been told by friends) in which I can fit in with the corporate president/CEO types (I worked with a Fortune 500 company) and can hang with the average “working man.”

I have friends from all walks of life! From doctors, pharmacists, to CEO’s, to the friend that works at Walmart. I love people and I’m not one to judge’s anyone’s character. I truly believe every one is uniquely special and I treat every client with the upmost respect and as a queen! I think this is why people are comfortable in working with me. My bubbly personality and my attention to detail!

4. Attention to Detail/Preparation

I am one of those who is ALWAYS prepared!  I always bring a backup camera, batteries, memory cards with me. I plan out each session and discuss with my clients which direction they are trying to achieve and what they truly want out their session. I think it’s my true attention to detail.. That makes me a bit of a perfectionist and I’m the hardest critic when it comes to my work. I strive for great communication and customer service.  I also send every customer a thank you card after each session. When you choose me, you are getting my experience  (I’m reliable, organized, and great under pressure.)

You don’t want to go bowling with me though, I’m lucky to score in the 30’s), but I’m a great cheerleader! Before your session day, I work hard to make this experience easy! From locations, to what to wear and offering tips of advice… I’m here for you along the way (and even after)!

5. I’m Here For You!

Yup, that’s me! I’ll be here for you every step of the way from start to finish. If you’re camera shy, a little goofy/awkward behind the camera, no one will ever notice… If you work with me! I’m all about the experience in what I can give my customers. It’s all what it is about and a positive/fun one in that!  I have yet to have any boring sessions.  They are all so much fun!

Does this sound like something you are looking for? If you think that I what I offer is perfect for you, please contact me via this form right away!

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