A One Year Old Birthday In the Studio

A One Year Old Birthday In the Studio

I am so far behind on this blog and getting work up here/updating the portfolio, but had to share photos of my little gal!  I’ll get to the latest works soon! I’ve just had a lot of folks book recently and even did my first wedding that the blog tends to go a bit on the back burner!

This little princess just turned one year old and she’s even more special because she’s all minel!  I can’t believe how much time has flown by! Just yesterday, I had her in my arms and now she is walking and talking a little bit! Where has the time gone? Seriously!

Gabrielle Birthday!

The one-year old birthday gal and her range of emotions from happy to sad… then to happy again!

I love babies and children!  I just want to squish their cute little big cheeks! I truly enjoy working with children from all over South Jersey and our area, it gives me tremendous joy.  Most folks, would run away from working with kids, but not I! I adore them, I really do!

I love the personalities that start to develop at the one year mark. You see the little child they are about to become and the baby rolls and buddha bodies start to go away and then child emerges! It’s like poof the 1-2 year old timeframe!

untitled (78 of 90)-Edit-Edit

I love the drooly chocolate cake face!

untitled (31 of 90)-Edit

I can’t contain all this cuteness!

untitled (82 of 90)-Edit

Another great classic!

untitled (75 of 90)-Edit

The chocolate faced little monster and such pretty blue eyes!

Finally! A smile!

Finally! A smile!

However, there is what we call in the photography realm… the “photographer” curse.  As photographers, we are able to capture great moments of other kids and babies, but when it comes to our own (I guess the kids are tired and so use to it) that you’ll see little crying fits from your own kids! It is what it is and me and other photography pals enjoy posting and showing each other our whiny fits that we get from our kids!  I am one of those weird ones that likes these range of emotions. I call them perfectly imperfect moments.

untitled (17 of 90)-Edit

Happy Birthday, little lady!

untitled (44 of 90)-Edit

This photo is absolutely priceless! I’m actually getting this one framed!

These moments define childhood for me. The drool, the chocolate on the face (as she has here) the tears running down her precious little face… are all what childhood is about and I love embracing it as a mother!   I have a sense of humor though! These moments are truly priceless to me!!

Happy Birthday, my little princess! I love you!

Best and Happy Shooting, my friends!


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