Free Sky Overlays

Free Sky Overlays

Man, I’ve been busy! This photography business has only been around since October of 2014, but it sure is starting to pick up! I’m booked solid the next month!  I’m still continuing with my classes and I just keep trucking ahead and improving as I go.  Just a side note, I will always try to improve… even if I end up 25 years in the business!

Anywho, I decided to put together some sky overlays and get them up here on the blog!  It shows the creativity I have outside of portrait photography.  I took this when I got into landscape photography a looong time ago!  I figured why not? Lets put some together!

I noticed as I’ve been in this business that a ton of skies look the same and photos tend to look the same! You look at it and you’re like… “Oh that’s from so and so.. I have that too!  Instead of admiring the image itself! They were probably purchased from some of the shops on the net or perhaps some free sites. I am even guilty of buying them in the past!

I was perusing through some old photographs of mine (I started out in landscape photography) and I was AMAZED at some of the sunset shots I got waaaaay back then! I decided to put some together into my own overlays (you can do this too!) and what is better than using your very own?!

If you decide to download, all of the files are saved as 300 dpi, in PNG format and sized at an 8×10… which should be plenty.  If you need to adjust or make them bigger, just hit your shift key!

sky overlay 2

This was with the “orange” sky overlay taken by our stream!

Just a heads up! These can only be used in Photoshop and of course CC, but I believe you could use these in GIMP as well!

I dunno try to test them out! I’m curious to see what you can do with them!  There’s one blur overlay sky which is great for using when you have a photo that you’ve shot in a wide aperture.

used with beach sky overlay

This was with the beach sky overlay! Taken in Salem County, New Jersey!

I know a few photographers that actually follow me here on this blog so I decided to give back and give thanks to them!  Maybe you can use them? Hey, they’re free!  You may like toying around with them!

Here’s the link! You’ll need a dropbox account, but it is free!  You just have to sign up!  I don’t like using overlays too often, but sometimes they are perfect for that right photo or maybe the sky is a bit washed out… These are great to use in that case!

If you decide to use them, post a link below! I would love to see what you came up with!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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