My absolute FAVORITE time of the year… Spring!

My absolute FAVORITE time of the year… Spring!

Spring has arrived, South Jersey!  Isn’t it just wonderful?! This was a very very cold winter!  It at times felt like it was not going to leave, but it did… and now everything is blooming away! For April, the weather has been rather blissful! Yes, we’ve had some rain, but the majority of days have been filled with sunshine!!  Throughout this text here, I am showcasing some photos I took recently in the Shooting Star Garden! I hope you like and as always, it is an offering on a photo location to my clients!


dogwood lovin

My little gal posing in front of our Magnolia tree!


money honey baby

This photo was taken under the weeping cherry and the magnolia can be seen in the background. I love the pink!


garden baby

This was towards the end of our session and had to bribe her with a lollipop! I’d say she looks quite happy though!



I’ve been sooooo busy! I think I have a total of 16-17 sessions (I’d have to look in my planner) scheduled until June right now. I’d say for a new business to the area, that’s a great start!  Every single day, I am working hard to improve myself and just get better. I hope to be a “shooting star” in 10 years and known worldwide.  Yup, that’s my goal… and if you truly knew me, you’d know that this will happen, hahaha!  Anything I put my mind to, I have accomplished tenfold so I’m adding photography to medley.  I am looking to grow this business to one of the bests in the area!

If I’m not working or doing sessions, I’m investing my time in education,, spending time with my kids and well, spending time with my kids! They’re also excellent models when I want to try something new!  Of course, as a mom I take pride in them too. Well, duh!


lightroom update-2

My boy posing for me at our stream!


sky overlay 2

I am in love with this shot!



untitled (60 of 63) copy 2

I put up fabric lace in the garden and love how the light is filtering through here!




The grounds here at Shooting Star have been nothing but superb this spring.  Right now, the weeping cherry and magnolias are blooming, tulips, hellebore, grape hyacinths, standard hyacinths are blooming.  The daffodils are still in bloom.  We have hundreds of them EVERYWHERE.  All the perennials are rising to the surface… It’s definitely spring!

I actually saw a hummingbird trying to feed off of our cherry the other day! It was a great start to the season!! The Kwanzan cherries have popped open some blooms and should be fully alert in a day or two.  I love it!


untitled (33 of 51) copy

My little girl posing in front of the daffodils!



untitled (24 of 51) copy

She just starting wearing shoes regularly. (Just turned one) so they are still a mystery to her!

If I had to choose between my garden or photography, it would destroy me. Both are my absolute favorite hobbies.  I could never decide between the two!

These last few weeks, I’ve been taking the kids out to play in the garden and to try some new tricks on them!  They’ve also “helped” me a little to prepare it for this spring by cleaning out all the flower beds and weeds!

garden shooting star

Dancing daffodils… Ahhh.. There’s probably about a 1,000 of them here and I’m not exaggerating… There may be more!


shooting star garden

We have about 8 bleeding hearts here that get quite large. They just made their grand appearance!



cherry shooting

Just some flowers from our weeping cherry. I have two favorite trees here on our grounds (and we probably have over 50 or so trees.) This weeping cherry is my absolute favorite and my huge Japanese maple. They’re both stunning and I’m so proud of them!



I am so blessed to have these gorgeous grounds.  It is a true oasis and right here in South Jersey!  Sometimes, I need to pinch myself because it is just so magical!  I love strolling through the grounds and walking down the terraces to the stream.  I find it to be my garden of Eden and I am so very blessed to be able to offer it to my customers for their photo sessions.  My customers LOVE it!  It’s truly a splendid and unique offering that most photographers don’t have.  


So if you ever want to have a beautiful private session… look no further! I can offer that too you… including a stream!  Our hundreds and hundreds of lilies are starting to break through too! Ohhhh, I cannot wait! I time everything so there is always something in bloom from early spring all the way through fall! It’s incredible!


Happy Shooting, my friends!





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