I may be opening up a can of worms here, maybe not, but I can’t express how important it is to discuss what you will be wearing prior to your photo session with your photographer.  I want to explain why this is so important.

What you wear is one of the most IMPORTANT aspects to your session.  What you wear is a huge aspect to what the overall composition will look like in regards to your final product.  People pay good money for their memories and certain things you wear can affect your session and your end product.

Here are a few suggestions on…





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This mama rocked it! She wore a beautiful dress and nude complimentary heels to her attire and didn’t go crazy on her jewelry. Every detail mattered and because of this.. She had an amazing session! Taken in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

1.  No Flip Flops

I don’t know what it is, but they just do not photograph well or look well in regards to a session.  Unless, it is a beach session, I see no need for them. I see a lot of maternity sessions ruined by flip flops with these beautiful fabric flowing gowns.  It does not look pretty! I see photographers trying to cover these flip flops up in editing with this flowing fabric because of this. Flip flops are great for the beach and great for hanging out with friends, but they honestly don’t photograph well or look well on camera.


2.  Consider where you will be getting your photographs done… and your location

Are you going to be getting photographed in a garden?  Well, don’t wear green! There’s a ton of green all around and well, you’ll blend in like Waldo.  You want to wear something that will be complimentary to your surroundings.  Obviously, if you are being photographed in front of a red barn, you aren’t going to be wearing red or a similar color.  You’ll be lost!  You’ll want to wear complimentary colors to your environment.  With a garden scene, you’ll want to wear light or natural clothing to blend in with the environment. Pastels also work well against greens. Obviously white or black clothing can be complimentary to almost any location.  However, if going for a vintage feel or more modern, consider what you will be wearing for that session and the look you are wanting to go for.

3.  Please, please, please… Do not show up with graphic tees with heavy wording on them.. It does not photograph well. 

4.  No sweat pants.

It’s sad that I even have to mention that… but no one looks great photographed in sweatpants.  I couldn’t even imagine beautiful Beyonce being photographed in them.  Just please don’t!

5.  Ripped or stained clothing.

Are these images you want to remember and see for the rest of your life? You want to show that pizza stain that you couldn’t get out from a few weeks ago and decided to wear again.. go ahead!  I think folks don’t get that the camera sees everything.  It sees things that the human eye can’t see. Yes, if you think that stain is unnoticeable try again. It will be magnified by a hundred times on camera!

6. Wear clothes that fit.  Please… I beg of you.

If you are a size 10, but trying to fit into your much tighter size 8, it is not going to look pretty.  It will just magnify your back fat and any bulges, rolls you may have.  Take into consideration your bra, so that your bra line is not showing. These simple things go overlooked and people wonder why they look like a stuffed sausage or even bigger than they really are because they are not wearing the proper clothing.

7.  Heavy makeup.  

Heavy makeup does not photograph well.  You can still wear makeup, but try to make yourself look more natural and don’t cake it on.

8.  Be cautious of wearing hairbands on wrists.

I’ve seen many of my photographer counterparts have to Photoshop it out.  It doesn’t look pretty in the end result.

9.  Be Well-Groomed


Mom is well-groomed. Her nails look great. Her dress just pops with the scenery. She paid attention to every detail in what she was wearing and it resulted in gorgeous photographs!


IF you do decide on wearing flip-flops (please don’t), but if you do… make sure your feet are well-manicured. Make sure your nails are trimmed as well as  goatees/beards. Make sure you have no hair roots. If not taken care of, they are even more magnified on camera.

10.  No chewing gum, smoking (yep, folks do that), make sure you’re bathed and the kids are bathed.

You don’t want dried snot on camera. It looks hideous. Mismatched socks.. hairy legs (especially women).  Just make sure you are well-groomed for your camera debut!  AND yes, unfortunately all these things happen!

If you are spending your hard-earned money on having yourself photographed, please don’t do the above.  Talk to your photographer! They will help you decide on what is appropriate for your session.  We know what photographs well and doesn’t, due to our experience in the field.  Trust us! Don’t be shy with discussing it!


We want to make this the best streamlined process ever. You can dress casually if this is the look you are going for, but remember pick your attire in good taste!  If you search the net, you can find great color schemes and outfits to wear.  Especially, for a family session or a particular theme.


If you want the best for your session, please don’t do the above!  Obviously, you are the paying customer and can wear what you want.  However, there are some things that you should be aware of to make your photographs more beautiful!


Happy Shooting, my friends!




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