Just A Dog With His Mom!

Just A Dog With His Mom!

This has been an insane year South Jersey! Business has been growing and we’ve been very very busy, which is why you don’t normally see too many blog postings up on here often!  I am loving all the newness that has occurred this year!  We’ve been a business since October 2014 and it just continues to blossom and grow!  It has been such a tremendous and exciting journey.  We’ve already done two weddings which is a new offering and we have more approaching in the pipeline in this upcoming year!  We really can’t wait! This is a very exciting time!

20140605-_DSC5319-Edit copy

Ruff, ruff! Hi everyone!


Classic and timeless.. Ahhh.

It’s such a joy to be be able to photograph precious memories for people.  I feel honored! I truly do! I am definitely not in it for the money as it is very hard to make an entire career out of it (some day!), but I do find great joy in this.  It’s a lot of fun!

These photos are from a recent session in our private garden! Mom wanted to get photos of her and her son and I said “Sure, why not!?!”  I’ve worked with dogs before and love it! My favorite is doing family sessions with the furry love muffins!

20140605-_DSC5351-Edit copy

By our stream!

20140605-_DSC5437-Edit copy

Seriously! This dog was amazing!

I’m always prepped with treats and sparkling water for my wet-nosed clients!  So… meet Taylor.. He is a dachsund mix and mommy said is a bad dog from time to time, but he was great during his entire session! He smiled the whole entire time!!!

20140605-_DSC5462-Edit copy

Mom and Taylor under the white azaleas.

This session was such a blast to do!  I truly enjoyed working with mom and Taylor!  I think mom and Taylor did too!  They even came all the way from out of state (Delaware) just to get their photo taken with me!  I feel truly blessed to have been able to capture these moments and I know mom will treasure them for a lifetime!  Plus, I truly enjoy working with animals!  I’ve worked with them in family sessions in the past and it ha always been a great time!

Hey, I know I will treasure them, too!

Happy Shooting, South Jersey!


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