Mommy & Me Mini Session!

There’s something really special about a mother and daughter relationship!  There’s a certain bond and understanding as to the emotional side of things. The relationship you have with your mother is probably the best relationship you will ever have in your life.  The relationship sparks your future relationships, as well as it affects how you will choose to parent one day!  Mothers and daughters are what this world is made of and makes it special! I love my mother and I cherish every day and moment I have with her!


All of my locations are scouted and I have scoured all over the South Jersey area to provide the best for my clients!


_DSC3471 copy
Mom and daughter for the Cherry Blossom Mini session!


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She is just perfection!



_DSC3477-Edit-Edit copy
Mom and her little gal!


Anywho, back to this session!  This was a mini session that was done here in South Jersey among the gorgeous cherry blossoms!  These trees are the same as the ones in Washington D.C.!   I was so excited to offer this type of session this year and can’t wait to do it again, next year! Woo hoo!

_DSC3542-Edit copy
Mom and daughter walking hand-in-hand among the Cherry blossoms!



_DSC3569-Edit-Edit copy
Just speechless!



_DSC3759 copy
Has the cuteness killed you yet?
_DSC3668 copy
Found this area near the Cherry blossoms! Love the stone wall and tulips!
_DSC3499-Edit copy
I want to pinch those cheeks!
_DSC3517 copy
The cutest girl ever!
_DSC3486-Edit copy
Mom and daughter on the Cherry blossoms!



My mini sessions usually sell out fast, since I do not offer these too often! As this one was! I had a great time meeting these two gorgeous ladies!  And we had an absolute blast in our time together!


My big thing is doing pastels lately. I love soft a vibrant colors!  And love being different from other photographers in the area!


I am sure these photographs will be truly cherished for years to come with these two! We got a ton of great photographs from this session (I just decided to pick a few at random to post up on here).  I hope that you can enjoy them as I have!


I find it to be my greatest joys in working with people and capturing the true emotion and essence of folks!  I have a way of relaxing my clients so that they feel comfortable and at ease and this shows throughout my work and with my photographs!

I truly can’t wait to do this event  again next year, South Jersey!  I have a few more I would love to get up here and to show you all from this session! I’ve truly been very busy and I guess that’s a good thing!  I can’t wait to show you what is to come and other sessions that I have done and have not posted yet!

I see myself doing this cherry blossom session for many years to come!  These blossoms go on for a few miles and folks come from all over to see and enjoy them!

Until we meet again, my friends!

Happy Shooting,






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