Color, color, color, everywhere! Defining your style… What’s it going to be?

Color, color, color, everywhere! Defining your style… What’s it going to be?

I love the summer and spring and the colors of the lush greens, blooming flowers and trees…. the long sunny days!  The pastels and lots and lots of color! I love sunlight! This is my style. Bright, vibrant and colorful!

Let me tell you how long it has taken me to get to where I currently am… I can’t tell you how hard it is to be a photographer… It really truly is!  I had NO CLUE what I was in for. None, whatsoever.  I knew editing was involved. I knew you needed to know your camera settings and how to work in certain scenarios… and I knew poses.. but I have learned a lot since them!

Within the last few months, I have truly tried to define MY STYLE.  It took a ton of practice and hard work. I live and breathe photography. It’s really sad. I know.

My Casual Style…

On a typical day.. say I don’t have clients… I will probably go out and shoot for an hour, I usually edit for 1-2 hours on old photographs to brush up on skills and keep them fresh, and then I top the night off with about an hour of learning from the greats by watching videos… and/or reading… that’s a regular day.

Now, when it is busy, like now… I may spend up to 3-4 hours editing a night… with about an hour of education… Still.  Not to mention, back and forth communication with clients. Scheduling session days and times.  Confirming and consulting on locations, what to wear, props and the business side of things. It can be a full 12-14 hour day that you put into this.

My greatest asset thus far in this photography journey has been education, education, education.. hands down!  Whether it be a new technique in camera or learning how to edit.. It has been the best investment in this journey… NOT CAMERA EQUIPMENT.  In fact, I just upgraded AGAIN… My third camera upgrade within about 8 months and I’ve barely taken it out yet. I’m still comfortable with my old one and will gradually ease my way into the new with photo sessions… The new camera is technically the more “superior” camera… cost three times more than the one I am replacing it with… but you see I know my old camera much better… so until I start practicing a bit more with the new one and it becomes an extension of my body, like my old one.. then I will start to utilize it more.

Anywho, in terms of finding your style as a photographer… Honestly, it’s all practice.  I would say try not to emulate what you see out there and try doing your own thing… you don’t want to look like everyone else. Just learn to perfect your own thing…

I use to play it safe and then realized I wasn’t happy. I did clean edits. It was just blah to me and it kind of sucked my creativity and joy. Once I started to just not care what others thought or should I do this or that… basically, not second guessing yourself… Is when you will see your style to emerge. It’s about breaking your barriers.

Your style is going to take some time and probably at least 200-500 hours of just work. Then all of a sudden one day… it hits you like bam! Then you have it!

facebook baby

The tongue! It’s HER.. It’s childhood! Captured in South Jersey!

I look back at some of my older work and I can see the direction I wanted to go, but it was difficult  for me to fully execute.  I saw the “look” I wanted to go in my head, but I just couldn’t figure it totally out in Photoshop.  I didn’t have a clear sense in what I wanted from beginning to end.. from the first click.. to the end.   Now, I can shoot from start to finish with the look I want.  I go into every shoot knowing what I want to do and how I want it to look.

Thus far, it’s been a great year and I look back and see the growth I have done in just a short amount of time, but I finally feel that I have a style… My style.  There’s honestly no looking back. Business is busy and I’m enjoying what I do.. I’m enjoying learning (as I always will) and I genuinely feel warm and fuzzy inside when folks want me to capture their engagement sessions, weddings, maternity photos… They trust me to be behind the camera. I feel honored and blessed to do those things for them.

So here is my style… I don’t like staged cheesy smiles… I will do some of these from time to time… however, I like natural poses… natural smiles, I like when someone naturally sits… or when someone looks at their significant either with just “that look”.. in what I call the look of love.  My style is playful.. In terms of children, I capture childhood.. In terms of when I work with adults, I capture true moments, their hearts, their personalities.. their dreams.

I love how he planted a smooch on her forehead… and her reaction.. It’s just genuine.

I love bokeh.. and my style is all about it… If there is not bokeh… there’s probably something wrong with me that day.

I get everything right in camera.

I love sunlight… I have a way of capturing it…

and I love color.. vibrancy, warmth, pastels.

and once in awhile… that dark and moody edit…

and I love skies.. colorful gorgeous skies.

And that’s it.. that’s me!

What’s your style!?!?!

Are you a clean edit type… or are you bold and daring?!

What is it that you will offer to the table.. that others in your area don’t?!

Aha.. you see that right there!! All my
blabbering got you here! Take that last question in right now.. seriously take it in…

It’s going to be your aha moment!  As it was for me!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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