What To Wear Tips… By Shooting Star Photography!

What To Wear Tips… By Shooting Star Photography!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a family session, maternity session, or a single portrait session, South Jersey… What you wear… MATTERS…  MOST…. and it can genuinely make or break your session!

Normally, people hold onto these photographs for decades so you don’t want to look back and say to yourself…  “What in the hay was I thinking?”


So here are a few tips to get you going!


Let me take you back to my decorating days… The color wheel!  Fun! Fun! Fun!


But guess, what? It makes perfect sense!

The Color Wheel…


what to wear example!


When choosing your outfit… choose one side.. of this wheel.. If you are doing family photos… stick the the same side… Easy peasy.  I would also take into consideration the environment as well.  IE.. a forest scene… I don’t think it would be in your best interest to wear green… Unless, you would like to blend in… Yes, I know camouflage is coming back… but I’m sure that’s not what you are trying to go for!


brighten subject

Here is an EXCELLENT example of color themes. “Mom” match Taylor… but in a subtle way.. Look at the hair color of mom and her shirt color.. see how nicely it goes even with her pup, Taylor? Also, my client knew she would be in a garden scene… so her clothing pops against the green!


Also, to take into consider try not to have everyone in busy tones.  I think mom in a print dress is fine and then can play off of it… but you don’t want Johnny in stripes, and then Ted.. then mom and dad… I think you see where I’m going with this!


Also, you don’t want to go too matchy matchy!  The everyone in jeans.. thing and white t-shirt… I can admit can be cute to see once in awhile.. but how about everyone wear’s jeans and to coordinate it up with nice shirts?


My biggest thing is to be comfortable.. If you are uncomfortable, it is going to show in your photographs!




Your makeup should be simple! A little concealer, powder, eyeliner, blush… is all you need!  The heavy makeup does not look pretty especially after a hot sun beach session! Just take the environment you will be into consideration!


Also, you don’t want to wear too much trendy jewelry However, some scarves at hats look beautiful.


In regards to a beach session, you’ll want some shoes you can easily slip on and off.. IE.. you probably don’t want to wear heals. Ha!


This beautiful client is a perfect example of makeup done right! The jewelry is tasteful, the clothing was considered for the type of scenery we were shooting in. Her makeup is stunning! She kept it soft and simple allowing even her adorable freckles to shine through! Also, if you noticed… coloring has stuck to the left side of the color wheel!



What to Bring

If kids are involved with your session, bring a favorite toy or a baby blanket, if a little one!  It will help them to feel more comfortable. Bring a drink so you can have a sip between small breaks and any props you would like to incorporate!  I also supply props and furniture too!

Time To Shoot

The best time to shoot is in the summer/spring before 10am and after 6pm.. This allows for the most beautiful golden light!!!

During the fall and winter months, anytime after 2 until sunset is usually great!




My posing is extremely natural. Everything you see, is very casual and relaxed, thus allowing for your genuine beauty to shine through!


Any questions, let me know! I always consult with my clients prior-hand into what they will be wearing to their session!  I will make you shine in your photographs, I promise!


Happy Shooting, my friends!






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