Why are Photography Pages on Facebook Changing Their Names?

Why are Photography Pages on Facebook Changing Their Names?

There’s a current and absolutely crazy trend going on in the photography world right now!  Fellow photographers are actually changing their names on Facebook RAPIDLY… just based on hearsay alone!  Sue Bryce, famous photographer and awesome business person, is said to have been the originator of this madness.. However, this fact is untrue.  She had a Creative Live class yesterday and the Facebook world literally went bonkers!  For the last 24 hours people’s feeds and notifications have been on the fritz!  Many folks received notifications via Facebook like the one below….


Please.. stop the madness people, lol!

stop the madness

Please.. please.. stop! I beg of you.

Folks, are doing this because they believe this will help with their SEO and so folks can get on the top of searches.. However, this really isn’t the case! All you need to do is do this… below so people can essentially find you!

unnamed (1)

See… this is what they mean by changing location.. not your name!

Facebook only allows business pages to change their name once and many will now be stuck with this name change for a good while. Just by changing this… see on edit address is only really what you need. She did not mean for folks to change their names.. She just wanted folks to make sure they list their location.

unnamed (2)

Sue, stating this was not the case, haha!

Essentially, Sue Bryce broke the Facebook internet! It created a stir and craziness I’ve never seen before in the photography world! I’m glad she finds it humorous! I did after the first few notifications and thereafter it started to drive me mad!

Keep up the good work, Sue.. Fellow togs… don’t go jumping into something you haven’t done your research on that can affect your business!  Now some folks are actually going to be stuck with this new name change.

I think it FINALLY died down now, but did it drive you bonkers like me? Haha!

P.S. I can list these facebook notices because they are all public pages..

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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