Brother and Sister Meadow Shoot

Brother and Sister Meadow Shoot

I love this spot in South Jersey!! It is located in Westville  and I absolutely love it!!! This place offers a gorgeous meadow, butterfly garden, forest, trails, a street where no one is allowed to drive on to get your street shots… and beach areas along the Delaware River that would be perfect for a sunset shoot!  I can’t wait to do it soon!


Isn’t he a doll? Just hanging in the South Jersey meadow!


I truly love more casual-styled sessions… and this is what mom wanted!


Brother and sister! I love natural poses!


But see.. I still get cute cheesy smiles!!!

Every time I come here, I love it more and more and have done two photo shoots here thus far!  I discovered this place a few years ago while discovering and learning about our unique history of South Jersey and got to explore what it has to offer! I was literally shocked that just outside the gates is a somewhat urban landscape of Gloucester County/Camden County, yet has all of these offerings.  It was like walking into a different world!


This little gal melted my heart!

The first time was with my then 6 month year old son and was only able to travel so far with his stroller. The second visit, I brought my dog and got to explore some more. I always encounter hundreds of butterflies and even deer when I roam through this wonderful and neat place in Westville.


This photo is just classic! The look on his face and the little gal crying… believe it or not these are keepsakes that you will one day treasure! It’s priceless!

Another great cheesy smile!

Another great classic cheesy smile!

Here’s a recent session I did here. It was only a half hour and the little girl wasn’t even one years old yet, but she was able to sit up.  Mom wanted photos of both kids and a more natural feel and I chose this location due to the proximity of where the client lives.


I do rather enjoy more natural poses! This little girl was adorable!

I love that any time I come here it is complete solitude. There is no one around.  It’s like going back in time!

We got a ton from this session, but sometimes I like to show the bloopers and I did! I truly love working with children and showcasing my unique locations that we have right here in South Jersey! It’s like seeing our area through my eyes!

I love South Jersey and I’ve been to every nook and cranny around.  I grew up near this place and not once did I ever know about it! It’s genuinely a unique treasure in our backyard!  You will witness tons of wildlife and the butterflies are UNREAL!!!

Who knew Westville had a place like this!?!?!?!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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