Another beautiful Maternity Session!

Another beautiful Maternity Session!

This is another great location that I love to utilize! The site is historic and the color tones give you that true “Beachy” feel.  There is also a beach and other areas that make this a magical place to shoot at.  The light is generally great after 4pm and I’m a bit of an odd one. I like to work with more light.. rather than Golden Hour.  I find that Golden Hour does work with certain locations, but not all. That after 6pm… light can become a bit flat… and I am not a flat light person at all!  I love bright and airy light!

genuine smile

I love how genuine and “in the moment” this one is!

I use to photograph at this place back in my landscape days!  It truly speaks South Jersey to me.  In fact, I believe it’s one of the oldest lighthouses remaining in New Jersey.  The rustic brick and it’s sheer beauty, make this site absolutely breathtaking!

ashl post

This mama is just glowing and absolutely stunning! Her smile would light up a room anywhere!

ashley facebook

I LOVE this location here in South Jersey!!!! I love the light and everything about it!


I’m known for my road shots and of course… I can’t disappoint!

facebook maternity 4

Seriously, can’t get any cuter than this!


Of course you have to get a shot of the beautiful baby bump!


What I also love about this site.. is that you don’t have to travel all the way to the Jersey Shore (quicker commute time), You never run into traffic, the sun sets on this side since it is the bay.  There is a beach area, gorgeous grasses and even an area to do some incredible street shots.  It kind of has it all… Plus, hardly anyone is ever here to ruin your shot! You practically have the place all to yourself!!!  You may encounter a fisherman or two, but they are usually very friendly and kind!  I’ve even been asked if they want them to move to get a great shot!  It’s truly incredible the kind of love among fellow men that you will find here!

beachy keen

This is one of my favorite shots from the entire session!

facebook maternity

Shhhh… I kind of snuck this one in!

post fb

Just breathtaking!

These two got in just in time for their session because not more than 2 days later little Evan was born!!!!

I’ve done a few sessions here thus far this year and I have loved it every single time! Most of all, when I see my clients step out of their vehicles they have a huge smile on their faces!  That’s when I knew I’ve done my job in scouting the PERFECT location for their beach session!

As you can see in this session… NO one else is around.. And this was on a weekend! This is just a tidbit of our session! We got a ton of incredible shots!  I truly love maternity photography and it is a specialty that I keep wanting to dive more into! So.. if you know anyone who is pregnant, South Jersey! Send them my way… As you can see, I don’t disappoint!!!

Don’t wait! Book your beach session today! We are currently booked out until July 9th!  Hope we speak with you soon! We also have other gorgeous beach locations to offer you!

Happy Shooting, my friend!


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