My First Little Newborn!

My First Little Newborn!

I LOVE capturing moments and I love being a photographer here in South Jersey! I enjoy working with people and putting smiles on their faces!  There is something as a photographer you feel all giddy inside about and sometimes it brings you to tears!  I had a recent newborn session that did that.

This location is on private grounds and have permission to shoot here! There is a cornfield and open sky and is just lovely here in South Jersey!  I can’t wait to do fall shoots here among the corn! 

A family member just had their little one arrive into the world and they asked me to personally do this for them… The only thing is… I do not do newborns, but they entrusted me to do this for them.

first newborn

Precious little baby girl with the cornfield behind her in a private location in South Jersey!

Normally, before each session I am as calm as a cucumber.  It’s true… I feel at ease and am confident going into every session… but for this one… I was a mess! I think it was because I did not want to let my family down and really wanted to create beautiful images like all the other newborn photographers out there!  Of course, I’m not going to be like the ones who have done it for a very long time, but I was set out to do the best I could do… Oh and try it outdoors!  Not in the studio as most do in our area!

stunning mama

Stunning red-headed mama and her beautiful little twelve day old gal!

I wanted to challenge myself fully on this… and that I did!  I wanted to give beautiful photos that I know will be treasured and I hope to have captured that!

When this little gal showed up for her session, she was just 12 days old! She was alert, but I told mama to give her a good feeding (milk coma) and to make sure her diaper was dry. Then we took her outside!

baby girl facebook

Such a precious little gal!

One thing is, if doing in the studio, you have to make sure it is HOT.  I mean scorching hot to where you are sweating to get a baby to sleep sometimes!  This is why outdoor is great this time of year! It’s summer and we had some heat!

sweet baby snail

I found a slithering little snail in the cornfield!

As soon as she came outside… ZONK! She went out like a light! She did not wake up at all!  We were able to get some great shots for mom and dad that they will treasure forever and they love their images!!!

newborn outdoor baby

Beautiful little baby gal!

I wanted to do it among a cornfield that we have in South Jersey, in natural light, and I’m very odd, but I love 4 o’clock sun. Now this is the time when we had that nasty storm come through and by 5pm everything went dark and the wind came howling through! So within one whole hour we were able to get this finished and complete!  With different sets!

I may have to try this again sometime as it was a lot of fun and I loved utilizing our great outdoors, here in New Jersey!  This little girl is going to be so loved by our family and am so grateful to welcome her to it and to see her grow!

As a photographer, I love being able to gift to those I care about!  I am so thrilled that they had faith in me to do this for them as this was my first!  For my first, I think I did pretty decent, considering some of the work I’ve seen out there for first timers! Every session, I just try to get better and better and learn from it… Who knows? Maybe I’ll be a premiere tog in the area someday!

I want to be a great maternity photographer here in our area… and am working on it being my specialty!  Stay tuned for that! I have a ton of great concepts that I will be utilizing soon and am very, very, very, excited for what is to come! Woo Hoo!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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