What to Expect With Working With Shooting Star!

What to Expect With Working With Shooting Star!

Hi South Jersey!

Since we’re getting into the busy fall session, I thought this may be a great way to discuss how we do things at Shooting Star Photography!  I think it helps to put everything out there in what you can expect in working with us!!!

dear golden hour

Ah, beautiful golden hour… here in South Jersey!

1.) What is the best way to contact you?

Well, since I am not a HUGE facebook fan, it’s usually best to contact me through email at shootingstarsouthjersey@gmail.com or via phone number 856-857-7299.  I try and reach out to everyone immediately… However, that is not always possible!!! Since I am busy with driving to and fro to sessions and have them virtually everyday this time of year, sometimes I can’t get back to you right away.  Trust me, I do my best! Expect SOMETIMES the next day.  I do try to keep that minimal to right away, but again… that is not always possible. Hopefully, you understand!!!

2.)  How do you select which photos you put in the gallery?

Ahhhh, this is a great question!!!  I’ve been asked this a few times so I thought it would be great to put question up on here!!!

Typically, I cull through every photo from the session and will discard anything that doesn’t fit my quality standards.  I choose based on composition, lighting, facial expressions (IE blinking eyes, accidental double chins), and will typically discard duplicate poses.  I will then select through these the very best that I see fit (and trust my professional opinion!).  I personally hand edit each and every one of your files and then upload to an online gallery.  From this gallery, you can then download to your computer! It actually creates a folder for you! It’s an easy peasy process!

3.  Do you give out Copyright?

Never!  I always maintain copyright.   However, sometimes there is a bit of confusion.  I give out what is called a Print Release.  This allows you to print at any lab of your choosing. It’s a piece of paper essentially granting you printing rights to your photos so that you don’t run into issues when you go to other labs for prints. NO watermarks are ever placed on your photos within your online gallery as well.

Although, I do give out a Print Release, I do not guarantee color accuracy or am responsible if you choose another lab. This is at the customer’s discretion.

The prints I offer are at a low cost and through a professional lab.  There is a difference on quality when it comes to the consumer level. Which is why I do offer prints to my clients at the highest quality.  My monitor is actually calibrated to my lab so to ensure true color accuracy and quality.  I can’t say what they will look like if you were to go elsewhere.

4. What happens in terms of bad weather?

In the case of inclement weather (and we all know how South Jersey can be) one minute it could be sunny and the next raining cats and dogs… Or one day sweltering… and the next day 30 degrees.  It’s just how it goes!!! We will reschedule if need be!!! If we cannot reschedule due to schedule conflicts, then the client is issued a full refund.  I have only had to reschedule one session thus far!  Crossing fingers for no more! Haha!

5.  Is there a retainer?

Yes!  But it’s extremely minimal!  I require a $20 retainer. This is a good faith payment that you will show up for your session and why it is required! Your retainer goes towards your entire balance.  You can pay your retainer by visa, mastercard, or check and we invoice you for payment! Also, this is required to lock in your date and time… otherwise it goes to the next person in line.  All sessions and dates are first come, first serve!

castle and a rainbow

Recent Castle Engagement Shoot!

6.  How do I pay off my balance?

At the time of your session, the remainder of your balance is due (less your retainer fee).  I bring a card reader with me that is attached to my phone.  You receive an electronic receipt right there on the spot!

7.  What’s your typical editing turnaround time?

Typically, I like to stay at a 2-3 week turnaround. However, when it does get a bit busier… it can be up to 4-6 weeks. We typically try to not go out that far, but if you inquire we can give you an accurate time frame on the current turnaround time!

8.  When is the best time to book?

Honestly, right now!  We currently have scheduled and booked sessions through November 22, 2015 at this time! Every day, more and more dates are becoming unavailable! We receive around 4-6 inquiries per day! If you are looking for a particular date, please inquire immediately, so you get the date you want and are locked in!  We have recently had to turn some clients away because we are fully booked out for the time frame that they have inquired about… and we don’t want to have to turn your awesomeness away! I hate turning folks away!

9.  What can I expect from my session?

This is another great question!!! Once your contract and questionnaire are completed, we will discuss the perfect location (we have scouted all over South Jersey!), you tell us what you are looking for… in terms of scenery and we will make it happen!! We will discuss any props that will be utilized, what to wear, specific poses and so forth! From there, we can touch base from time to time.  I typically follow up 24 hours prior to the session to confirm where we will be meeting and the time once again!

Expect a fun and relaxed experience! I’m not into uptight poses! You will laugh and you will giggle!! We come prepared with everything!  However, I will have to forewarn you that you may get a little dirty, but it’s all in good fun!

10. What to expect with children?

Typically, younger children from 1-3 years old, do tend to lose their patience after awhile.  It is generally the toughest age to work with (ANY photographer will tell you this… and if they say they’re a breeze, they’re lying!).  I  am prepared for just about anything… from finger puppets, to pez dispensers, to bubbles. Ha! Most kids at this age, will like to wander around and that’s okay! We have patience! We are pros and we’ll do our best!!!  I tend to recommend a half hour session for families with younger children.  I find an hour session can be a bit tough on the little ones!! However, you are the parent and you know your children so schedule what you feel will work best for you! Btw, I have two young ones myself! A one year old and four year old! I get it!!

We will be offering stylized maternity sessions going forward! Maternity gowns and crowns and all! Stay tuned! Exciting things coming our way!

As always, if you have any questions… You know where to reach me!!!

Happy Shooting!

Dee Giumetti

Owner of Shooting Star Photography

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