Update in Shooting Star Photography Land

Update in Shooting Star Photography Land

It’s been a whirlwind this last week with many ups and downs and cliffs in between! We have had so many inquiries the last few weeks and we’re unfortunately having to turn some folks away at this time! In an effort for less inquiries, I have had to raise my prices in hopes that inquiries will decrease a bit.

For anyone inquiring, right now, the schedule is looking pretty full for the rest of the year! We do have very limited session availability at this time and we are almost booked out for the rest of this calendar year.  If you would like to book for 2016, we have now opened up the calendar for next year! It is recommended that you do so, if you wish to work with us!!  I hate having to turn folks away! Today, alone, I have had to turn 4 clients away. We just don’t have the open availability at this time for the dates of inquiry!



Beautiful spring bloom in South Jersey. Taken in our private gardens!

I guess in a way… I should thank all of you and for your general support!  It has been one entirely crazy year. In over 2 and a half months, I will be at my one year anniversary with photography. However, that was just the portfolio stage. I did not start charging people until February of this year.  I would never have imagined that in less than a year later, I would have to turn business away and be as booked out as I  currently am!

From this day forward, I will be cutting back a bit on sessions and to spend time with my growing family!  I have a one year old and a just turned 4 year old.  I don’t want to miss these days as they go by too quick! This was my goal from the get go.  I am currently going on about 5-7 sessions a week and honestly, I have burned out. It has become a full time job with up to working 60 or more hours a week.  I recently took off a few days to spend time with family and had a lot of time to think things through in the direction I want this business to go!

A few things…  We have recently received a huge shipment of props.  Some birthday props, some beautiful pieces like wagons, step stools, and even a boat. Yes, a boat! We will be putting it in our stream and doing sessions with it! It is a handmade one of a kind!!!  We’ve made some investments in a new camera, a few beautiful and unique vintage lenses, and even have taken some recent photography workshops!


facebook update

Beautiful mama and dad to be at Cooper River Park!


In terms of maternity sessions, we are offering custom and one of a kind unique sessions! We have invested in some beautiful handmade gowns and will be available to anyone who wants a maternity session!  We have many color choices and sizes to choose from!

In terms of locations,  I have scouted all over South Jersey and I’ve even written 2 books!  I recently worked out an arrangement with a few private property owners so that I can use them for my sessions.  I think my clients are really going to love them!!!!!

Nothing is going to change when it comes to service!  That’s my number one goal in this and that is to always give 100%!  It’s just that we have decided to scale back a bit!  We can’t do it all! It’s been very difficult having to turn folks away, but I hope that you understand! I can no longer go on doing so many sessions a week! It takes a lot out of you!


Hopefully, we will see you next year?!?!?!  Or maybe this year? Who knows?

Thank you for choosing me and my services! I truly love what I do and I feel very blessed to be able to continue doing what I love to do!  Thank you, South Jersey!!! I truly appreciate it!


Happy Shooting, my friends!

Dee Giumetti






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