An EPIC Birth Announcement!

An EPIC Birth Announcement!

This year has been an awesome year, in the Shooting Star universe, thus far! I am forever grateful! There have been shooting locations at castles, beaches, private gardens, abandoned properties, peony fields, backyards, and grassy meadows that have all taken me by surprise!!!  All mostly here in South Jersey! I’ve even had folks come out of state to see me! Come on, that’s awesome!!! However, the one experience that truly sticks out for me is a recent birth announcement I did for this soon to be family!!  It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve done in a long time… and I have traveled everywhere!!!

I was contacted by this beautiful couple, as they wanted to announce this special time in their life!  And we wanted to make it EPIC… Truly Epic and original!  Dad is a pilot for the military and I was invited out to McGuire Air Force Base, right here in South Jersey!  I truly can’t thank these two for this one of a kind experience!

As a big history nerd… yup, you can go check out my site if you don’t believe me… I’m the biggest dork out there! I was as giddy as a school girl for this photo shoot!

Want to see the pics? Well, here they are!!!  What a way to announce a first pregnancy, eh!!!?? I would have loved to have done something like this for myself!!! Check out the little jumpsuit in the cockpit!!

BABY “K” Has Been Cleared For Landing February 2016! 


I wish these two nothing, but the most joy in the widest world with their new bundle of joy that is about to arrive! Who knows? Maybe she/he or will join in daddy’s footsteps?  Who says a girl can’t be a pilot, if it is a girl!!

Crossing another spot off the bucket list! The McGuire base has always been a spot that I have wanted to visit for the longest time in my adventures around South Jersey! Thank you, to the both of you for making it happen!!!



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