Maternity Dresses!

Maternity Dresses!


For a very long time, I have been wanting to do this and offer this as part of my maternity packages!  So… here is my first shipment in a plum color! Please do not judge on the backyard setup as I had a pregnant relative model this for me right away!  As you can see it is a lovely gown and I will be ordering a bunch more in different colors and styles!  I will also have a few crown options available!

backyard beauty

Backlit and backyard South Jersey maternity beauty. Please don’t judge on location! It is my relative modeling my new goodies for me!!!

I truly want to show off those beautiful South Jersey pregnant belly bumps and this is a definitely a very elegant way to do so!!! Maternity photography is my absolute favorite to capture as I’m sure you can tell all over my blog pages and portfolio!!!  I never shut the front door about it! I will be ordering in a few more jewel tones and then some neutral colors!  All of these gowns are handmade in the GOOD OL’ USA!!!   I am awaiting for that snow princess to book with me and have been talking with a few expectant moms in doing a winter wonderland theme! I see gorgeous color among the white South Jersey landscape! And boy do I have some wonderful locations for all of you!!! From private farms, gardens, lakes, streams, and hundreds of scouted locations throughout the area… Well, I have you covered!!!

I love when expectant moms come to me and we discuss the process in what we will be doing and I also love including the dads in on the action (as you can see from my work)!!! I will also be going to a maternity workshop in Florida this late fall! It will be 3 days of hardcore learning about the specialty of maternity and will be learning from an Internationally published photographer!  I truly can’t wait! As my dreams are becoming a reality, I truly want to wish all of you for supporting me… as I have not even been in this business for a year now and have been booking non-stop! I must be doing something right for you to want to hire me and invite me into capturing some precious moments and also into your lives!!!

I’m very fortunate that this year, even with all the sessions under my belt… we have had only one rescheduling due to the weather!!

darker edit and light and airy

Beautiful maternity bohemian South Jersey, mama!!!

Oh well, stay tuned as we are heading down to the path of capturing the true joys of motherhood and creating a name for myself in this area!  Watch out South Jersey! I’m on the loose and ready to conquer!  I have invested thousands of dollars in equipment and education in order to keep bettering myself and will continue to do so!

I want to give the VERY BEST to my clients and I work very hard!!! I believe that going into a specialty will truly allow me to do this!  Oh my goodness! I can’t wait for what is to come and even with all the sessions I have lined up the next few months! I am really excited for this next chapter!  Thanks for following along and being a part of it!

I truly LOVE what I do and I hope that it shows with my work and interaction with others!!!  SO Thank you! Thank you and thank you!  I have decided to stop offering weddings going forward and have one more left this year with will be on rocking New Year’s Eve (how cool is that?!!} That way I can move forward and be focused on a few specialties!!!

I’m here to make this special for you!!!  I guarantee you will love working with me! My process is as easy peasy as it comes!!!

Happy Shooting, my friends!!!  And thanks for reading my ramblings, as that’s what they truly are anymore!!!

Dee Giumetti

owner of Shooting Star Photography

Author of two books on South Jersey

Married to a workaholic husband (hmm… we have something in common) and the two most adorable little kids…)  ages 1 and 4.

Also, the founder of in which I have over 7100 current subscribers!

Woo hoo! As you can see, I have been all over South Jersey and I know South Jersey! I have a true love for it!

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