Another gorgeous maternity session down in the books!

Another gorgeous maternity session down in the books!

Yes, I love maternity photography… it is my favorite thing in photography in the whole wide world! I get giddy when people contact me for it. Honestly!  I jump up and down in anticipation because I LOVE to do them! Would you like me to shoot it from the roof tops? Because I will! I have worked hard to PERFECT them.  Okay, I’ll never be perfect  at them because I want to learn constantly and am obsessed with anything photography that I can get my hands on!

beautiful mama facebook

Do you prefer the warmer edit for this maternity shot?

cooler edit

Or do you prefer this cooler/darker edit? I couldn’t decide so I had to give them both copies! Haha!

perfect pastel perfection

Pastel perfection!!! Maternity session!!! Seriously, the light! I could kill for it!

beautiful mama to be facebook3

Dancing in the street! This is probably my second favorite photo in the whole album! I just love how fun and lively it is!!!

So when this couple contacted me I jumped for joy! I have to say, I love when clients really take my advice! Whether it be location or even what to wear! This couple nailed it.. They were wonderful!  I believe 10 high resolution digitals came with their selection in what they wanted and I couldn’t just give them 10, I think I ended up giving about 20-25! I had to give them all of them! That’s how great this session went! They nailed it!

beautiful mama to be facebook2

Such a sweet tender moment! They are adorable! Aren’t they?!

beautiful mama to be facebook4

Another adorable shot! I’m not a big black and white fan, but I love this and the emotion behind it!

cool greens

I lOVE candid moments!

hello... daretown lake

This is the one shot I always have to get of dad kissing the belly!

Anywho! I love shooting a few hours before sunset… shortly before the Golden Hour timeframe and then going into it! I’m OBSESSED with light and love highlights… I know a lot of photographers who don’t like highlights or won’t work with sunlight like I do… but I think that highlights truly add life to a photograph!!! I know locations when it comes to certain lighting situations and this place generally works in all conditions!!! If it is a sunny day, you have plenty of shaded areas to work with so the sun isn’t hitting you directly for those harsh shadows! These two met me at one of my favorite spots in South Jersey! The light here is honestly perfect any time of day!

gorgeous warm tone

This is actually one of my favorites! I love the way he is holding her below and they’re both in the moment!!

I LOVE Salem County! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It is one of the most beautiful counties in South Jersey and why I decided to move here!

And yes, I did get the bump!

Seriously! This maternity session was to die for! We got so many photos that I could probably edit all 200 of them! The light and mom and dad, just everything was perfection!!!

I’ve been using this location since I started and it has never failed me yet! Some of my best sessions have come out of here!

Mom and dad, I wish you nothing, but the best in your future together with your new adorable little baby boy!!!! I hope you send me a picture of him!!! I’m sure he will be beautiful just like the both of you, as you are inside and out!!! Congratulations!!!!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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