Coming up on a year since started portfolio building!

Coming up on a year since started portfolio building!

This date will always be remembered! It was October 11, 2014, when I took my first human photo and to even see if I would be interested in photography.  It hasn’t even been a year yet and I’m forever grateful!  I’ve come tremendously far.  When I look back,  I look at this image and say… okay, that’s not TOO Bad.. I see where I could’ve improved.

I’ve spent a ton of money on equipment this year… I’ve added about 11 lenses to the collection, 2 new camera bodies, lighting, backdrops, props, software, education, insurance and the list goes on! It’s incredible what can be done in an entire year and to even see your style change from this to what I have currently.

The families I’ve worked with, the moms to be, the children.. they all have special meaning to me and I am blessed to have been a part of it.  Blessed to have been given the opportunity to capture photos that families will hold dear for generations to come. Photos that mom and dad can look back on and see their little babies… and see how much they’ve grown today.

first family

My first human subjects.. Recently, they added to the family with a baby boy! We plan to photograph in the same spot this year in South Jersey! Can’t wait to see the before and after!



A collage of this past year’s work! All locations filmed in South Jersey! Well… except one.. which was done at a castle! Woo Hoo!!

I’m extremely excited for what lies ahead.  I’m now booked out through December with limited openings in between and can’t believe I’ve been able to accomplish this since February 2015 when the business was incorporated.


For this fall 2015, I have a lot planned. I am attending a workshop in Florida for a few days, to get better and will be working with a photographer who specializes in maternity photography (which is the avenue I am pursuing as a specialty in South Jersey), I will be creating designed sets, clothing and purchasing maternity gowns.  Basically, I am going all out and giving it my all!

I will continue on with editing education.  I’m always trying to improve myself and get better! I have spent a ton of money on education and it’s been my most valued asset!  I hardly ever use presets or actions for my photographs and that I’m blessed with!

There are many photographers who rely on these and I don’t!  I’m going to continue with my vibrant and bokehlicious edits and hope to keep looking ahead!!!

I guess I should say… thanks for making this a great year… but it hasn’t even been a year yet!! Haha! Look out South Jersey! Here I come!!! Can’t wait to see what is ahead and to meet some interesting people while enjoying this incredible journey!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!




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