Cheap Camera Challenge!

Cheap Camera Challenge!

As photographers, we are questioned on a repeated basis.  We get questions like… What kind of camera do you have? And comments like… Your camera takes nice pictures…  However, deep down inside we really want to laugh, of course without coming off as rude to our customer, right?  We know darn well… that’s about the study of photography.  It’s measuring light and exposing for light and knowing how to work in any lighting conditions. Because of all this, I decided to do a challenge and put myself to work! Hehe! I recently dusted off my old crop censor APC Sony A6000 and put it to work up against my full frame camera that cost over $2,000.

I decided to level the playing field, by using the same subject and utilizing the same lens. The lens that was used was a Rokinon  135mm not the most expensive lens out there. Another indicator that it is the photographer not the equipment.

20140924-_DSC9377-Edit copy

Which camera do you think this was? The crop frame (considered a more hobbyist camera) or the full frame pro camera?

cheap camera 1

Can you figure out which one is the cheap camera, South Jersey?


So if you had to guess… which one do you think was taken with the cheaper camera? The first photo or the second photo?

Also, let’s level the playing field in this… Do you see this black and white photo? This was taken with a $40 lens.  Yup, $40.


This photo right here was taken with a $40 lens.


My point with this challenge was to prove that sometimes you don’t need fancy equipment to get the results you want!  It really is knowing your settings at how to work your equipment that makes a photographer… not your equipment.  So if you are out there using a cheapo camera and making it work… don’t get dissuaded!  You got this!

I’m a firm believer in utilizing the tools you have and all about education!  Learning the basics will get you far, no matter what type of equipment you utilize!

Oh and the answer of which photo was taken with the more expensive camera?  It would be the more golden toned photo of my little girl sitting by our stream! Now, could you really tell that? Probably not.  As you can see, the crop camera gives similar results and is 1/4 the cost of the “pro” camera.  Funny how you can get similar results with a cheaper camera, eh?!

I’m telling you, it’s the photographer, not the camera that will determine the results! Here is proof in the pudding!


Thanks for playing along with the cheap camera challenge!


Happy Shooting South Jersey!



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