The Shooting Star Grounds!

The Shooting Star Grounds!

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is… the light is ALWAYS gorgeous here at our Shooting Star South Jersey grounds!!! We get filtered sunlight with the 40 or so trees on the property. You can shoot in high afternoon sun and it still will be perfect. It’s pretty crazy, but is one of the reasons we purchased our property.

brighten subject

Our terraced gardens are show in the background there.


A girl dancing on one of the terraces.

I was born and raised in Camden County until I was 14 and spent my youth exploring the Delaware River, then onto Burlington County where I honestly thought all there was to do was to play in cornfields (boy, has a lot of development occurred since then…  Mt. Laurel has been built up quite a bit!) In my adult years, I spent about 6-7 years living in PA.. .then back to Burlington County, then Atlantic County, and now currently Salem County.  I think this is one of the reasons I know South Jersey so well. I’ve honestly lived everywhere.
When my son was born, I set out to explore South Jersey even more and this is when I truly feel in love with it. I never ever wanted to leave ever again. I have traveled all of the world, but there’s nothing like being back HOME.  It’s pretty incredible how you can be in the mountains, the beach, the Pine Barrens, the city, even the Big Apple (NYC) within a 1-2 hour time frame. With all this exploring, I started a traveling blog on places to see in South Jersey. That blew up like crazy (and yes, I need to get back at it). I then went on to write and published two books!

cornfield Gi

Taken around the corner from where I live.

bam bam

Another award-winning photo taken in our garden!


Taken in a meadow right around the corner from my home.

It was through my love of traveling and posting it to the blog, when I fell in love with photography. I started to get serious into it… I learned my camera. Learned to shoot in manual. Learned framing and all about shooting at certain times of day.  It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I decided to try photographing people… and boy that was a HUGE switch. It’s totally different than landscape photography! It’s like starting all over again, but that’s what is fun about this field… YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING 🙂

gorgeous light

A little girl in my alleyway. I’m told this is one of the best photos I have done thus far!


A little girl sitting along our stream.

It was through my travels in South Jersey, that I discovered Salem County.  I wrote a book on the beautiful county and from then on.. I wanted to live here.  After searching numerous homes, and actually had a contract on another residence, that we found our dream home. The minute I saw my backyard, I had to have this house!  We put an offer that night and it was accepted!

And so here we are!  Terraced gardens, the changing and colors of the seasons, the consistent sun-filled and shaded stunning light. The stream that runs along our property. It’s truly a dream come true.

smiling little gal

Little precious one-year old taken in our alleyway!

Since I live here, I know when the sun is best and have photographed here out of any other location. I’m able to push it’s limits. Now, if the garden and stream isn’t enough…  I have an alleyway across the street, which has been some of my greatest shots to date, I live on a dead end street and the sun sets at the end of the street… And in 1/4 mile in opposite directions from one another I have a park with a stream, meadow, beautiful bridge and another garden… the other direction a gorgeous meadow and cornfields. It’s truly the best location and I feel BLESSED that I can offer these places to my customers!!

rock with his rock

A little boy in our stream!

let me tell you about my best friend...

“Two tiny flappers” Thanks Jen for the motto.. (Jen’s one of my photographer pals).

So, if you ever want a private garden, a stream, an alley and meadow for your photographs and also a private location… Well, I’m your girl!

As you see, just utilizing my property can offer so much! Light can make or break a photo and we have gorgeous light here!

You want to hear something pretty funny? About HALF, yes HALF, of the photographs in the portfolio are taken in and around the studio grounds!!! 

Happy Shooting, South Jersey!


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