You Want That Fall Look?

You Want That Fall Look?

It’s that time of year! Autumn in South Jersey! They say… (the experts in fall foliage) that the colors will be changing later on this year than previous years!  As photographers, we are being hired to take those beautiful family fall pictures, but we have ONE PROBLEM.. the leaves haven’t really started changing yet!!

And that’s what we’ve been hired to capture, right?

We’ve been having magnificent weather these last few days and I am hoping everyone is getting out to enjoy!

Here is my after and before!  Last is SOOC no adjustments were made. After, is with the fall edit I created!


After… I would edit this even further. This was taken in our Woodstown, New Jersey stream! IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER.


BEFORE and this is the SOOC no adjustments were made. Taken here in South Jersey.

Well, I have been dabbling around in Photoshop trying to figure out a way to bring out those beautiful fall vibrant foliage colors. The only changes I see going on, in South Jersey, at the moment are the soybean fields. They are gorgeous vibrant gold colors, even those lovely sandy browns.  However, there is not much going on in terms of foliage.

autumn action

Here’s one I went a little crazy on! It’s all about having fun!

I am starting to see only a SLIGHT change with the greenery on the leaves. Honestly, I’m seeing more acorns dropping, more than anything!

So… I have developed this fall set for you guys! Yep, I did not stutter… This is the first time I have ever exported so I accidentally uploaded 

This will give you that lovely fall foliage that you are dying to have right now! It’s also a great way to showcase those gorgeous tones, if you live elsewhere in the country (for example, Florida) where you don’t get much of that fall foliage!

Here is a before and after of the fall colors !  

 I like using this as a bit of a toned down feature, but gives my photographs a little extra warmth. 

Fellow togs enjoy and don’t be afraid to experiment with these beautiful colors and create something magical! 

Happy Shooting, my friends!!!

Dee Giumetti

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