It’s a Busy Busy Season!

It’s a Busy Busy Season!

It’s been a busy busy month and season, South Jersey… that’s for sure… and a lot of sleepless nights (I have bags under my eyes to prove it)! The good news is, I wake up every single awesome day happy and grateful to go to work and to do what I love every single day… and that is being a photographer!  I LOVE capturing moments for people and making their personalities show on camera!

I know it’s Monday and we all get a case of the Monday’s from time to time, but take a deep breath, soak it all in, and be thankful you’ve been given THIS DAY! Now go and conquer it!

^^^^ That is my genuine motto and how I see the day every day!

It is defintely fall, South Jersey!

I had a proud moment recently! I wanted to create the photo above for the longest time and I had a client that was totally game for it!  Real leaves were used here and not an overlay (I always do my best to capture EVERYTHING in camera).  She had so much fun this little gal that she kept saying cheese and smiling her entire session! I wanted to eat her up!

Since this is a blog and I like to write about my photography journey, I’ve recently taken up some more classes (I know I know, I talk about it a lot, but this is how I am able to grow and grow so quickly!). I have 4 upcoming maternity sessions within the next few weeks and am very very excited for this! Capturing motherhood is my favorite thing to do in this business. I think it’s genuinely beautiful!  I haven’t had a maternity session in about 2 months and dying to get back into it! I have a ton of family sessions in the mix in these next few weeks!

Right now, the leaves have started changing! I’m able to capture that beautiful foliage that everyone wants. The weather is starting to turn. The air is getting crisper!  Ah, I love it!  I have now hired an assistant to help with my sessions and it has been a true blessing to have someone else there help me lug all my stuff around and to get smiles from the little adorable monkeys I work with daily.

A few things that will be happening next year!  We are launching into the Delaware and Philadelphia markets, taking more workshops (yup, already signed up for a few), we are going to start to offer pre-consultations.  This way we can sit down and discuss what you envision your session to be, right down to the clothing. Some sessions we can even stylize for you. Offer hair and makeup and the whole nine!  2016 will be the year of the pampering!


Recent session to a horse farm that I have been given access to. The owners of the farm are the sweetest folks, ever! My client loves horses and we wanted to make this special and to incorporate this into our session!


Hee Haw! Giddyup, South Jersey!

We are also going to be offering unique product lines that only photographers have access to in this industry. Custom pallet wall art, acrylic boxes (they are awesome and look 3-D) and other unique products. Also, will be offering custom videos along with music as well as a personalized ordering session, this way you can see all the products that we will be offering!

A new change…We are only going to be doing sessions around golden hour or an hour and a half before sunset… or at sunrise. I want the best possible outcome for your photographs and this time of day is guaranteed to give you this!  Now, I know this time isn’t always ideal. If it is a cloudy day or we have enough shade… then we can work with it!

It’s been an amazing 2015, thus far… but I’m even more excited to see what 2016 will bring! I want to grow and to keep giving my customers the best that I am able to offer in the area! I want every session to be customized to my customers needs!

Happy Shooting my friends! I hope you have an amazing day! Go out and conquer it!



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