My New Assistant!

My New Assistant!

As my newer clients, within the last few weeks, have probably noticed or may have personally met..There is a new face among the Shooting Star South Jersey Photographer… and this person would be good ol’ mom.

She has been my wisdom, my strength, my helper and sidekick this past month and without her, I honestly could not have gotten through all the chaos! I still have a ton of albums to edit, but it’s been rather difficult to knock out a lot of it since I have been going practically straight through these past 60 days!

One of my favorite photographs from this past week! I can’t wait to edit this entire album and give to her mommy!

When I tell folks that I’m busy, I really am busy! I have the calendar filled up for the remaining of the year with a small break for a workshop and then I am planning ahead for 2016.  I can’t wait to have some time off and that should be this Monday. I have no sessions Monday and will be digging in deep to my customer’s albums that need to be completed.

Without mom, I probably would have collapsed.  I am exhausted and this fall season took a lot out of me, but I’ve also grown and learned from this experience. As I move forward to 2016, I am bringing mom along for the ride. You will see her face around and out with me to sessions.

Another one of my favorites from this past week. This was taken today actually. I also LOVE this spot in SOUTH JERSEY!!!

I’ve realized having an assistant is really a blessing to have. Especially, with working with smaller children and it’s great to have those extra set of hands near and dear. It’s also a big lifesaver because I’m not having to carry a ton of equipment and props with me around. She’s also a personal “security guard” in a sense so that no one tries to steal my gear and I feel much safer going out to some of these crazy locations that I have customers meet me at. Haha!

If you can afford someone as an assistant to have at your side… DO IT. You won’t be sorry. I can’t express how great it has been to spend time with her, to also have someone that I trust 100% completely and always has my back.

On another note, we’ve upgraded our computer system to help things run smoothly along and should have faster turnaround times because of it.

I guess that’s about it! I’m exhausted. I had a session earlier today and have spent my time editing tonight! I have two more sessions tomorrow and then looking forward to a day off!

And mom… if you are reading this… I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for your help in this crazy season. I’m just glad it is almost over!!!

Until we meet again South Jersey…and Happy Shooting!  Is it Christmas yet? Haha! Trust me, I may joke, but I actually LOVE what I do!!!

Hope to speak with you soon!



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