What to Wear Tips

What to Wear Tips


Some excellent key points in here and a must read!

I figured I needed to write a better post on what to wear.  As you may not be aware, the camera picks up on everything!

That little zit on your forehead well, on camera it will look like a volcano erupting on your face, that double chin is going to look much much worse… Those love handles… Well… Sorry to say this, but they will look 100 times worse.

I am going hardcore with this post, but my job as a photographer is to make you and bring out the best in YOU… Beautiful you.  Here are some tips for getting the best out of your session.


This is great! My clients know how to dress!!! 

1. Do not wear tight fitting clothing, it will make you look larger than you are. Any bulge you have will make you look like a sausage stuffed in a sausage casing.  Wear loose fitting and flattering clothing.  Something you can move around and breath in and not worry about adjusting for every scene you will be in.

2. Clothing can make or break your photographs.  The best thing to wear is white or neutrals. This will emphasize more of the subject you and lighter clothing brings a softness/reflector effect to the skin. These colors work for practically any landscape environment… Well, everything but snow.

3. Other colors that work well are jewel tones.  Jewel tones are flattering on any skin type… Whether you are pale or have brown skin.  They also look great in practically any landscape.

4. When I say jewel tones, I’m talking  about your sapphire, emeralds, Quartz and teals. They look stunning on ANY person and all skin types.  They especially pop in the fall environment.

Little girl in a tutu. This photograph helped me to gain International Recognition!

5. Texture- there is a reason you see girls in tutus or lace in a lot of photographs.  Textures give depth and they film well. Weather it’s something beaded or something furry.  They look great on camera.

The Big NO NO’s!

My typical no no’s are:


  1. Black or very dark colored clothing.  They do not look flattering and only work well  if doing a more moody effect.
  2. Dark makeup. It may look pretty in person, but can have you looking freaky on camera.  Light makeup and a more natural look always looks best.
  3. Bright colors and heavy prints. Lighter prints are okay.  Anything too crazy is going to be too distracting and it honestly looks awful in most situations.  Bright colors often times give color casts on skin which is why I usually don’t recommend them.


As I’ve progressed further along in my photography career, I’ve become pretty picky.  I’m very detailed oriented.  I will even tell you if a hair is out of place if I am taking your photograph and help fix it. Or makeup on the teeth…. I honestly am only wanting my clients to look their best and show them in their best light.  People pay good money in getting their portraits taken and you don’t want that money going to waste on a poor wardrobe choice.

If you can stick to some of the key points above, you’ll be golden for your photo session or ANY session nonetheless!!!


Happy Shooting my friends!



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