Tis’ The Busy Season

Tis’ The Busy Season

This is the CRAZIEST time of year for any photographer. We are super duper busy and it seems like there is no end in sight! Ha! However, I know there will be in the next upcoming weeks and thank goodness!  I had to turn folks away this year because our books were completely full. In fact, we still are pretty full for the remainder of the year and have sessions up until New Year’s Eve.. Yup, working until the last day of the year.

However, I truly am blessed.  For a photographer who specializes in only outdoor photography (I am trained in studio and have shot events indoors) I am pretty blessed that folks are reaching out to me to get their treasured moments captured.

A lot of my weekdays have had to reschedule this week due to the rainy weather, so we will be doing them next week. I am quite surprised that folks are still wanting to do outdoor sessions. I thought it would die down this year, but it hasn’t!


ho ho ho

Christmas is coming South Jersey! Sooner than you think!

All I can say is thank goodness that I have my assistant by my side or I don’t think I could get through this craziness. I am looking at the clock right now and happened to glance over and it is 2:22 AM.  I should be in bed, but I am up editing sessions for people so they can have before the holidays.

We had a successful sold out mini session at a great tree farm, here in South Jersey.  The owners are truly kind and it went off without a hitch. It started to rain as we were packing up for the day.

I will be working extremely hard this week since it will be raining out, but I honestly can’t wait for a break on Saturday when I travel to North Jersey for a workshop.  It will be nice to get my mind out of work! I will have 2 sessions this Sunday and then sessions during the week.  It honestly never ends, haha!  Which is fine, this is what I am suppose to do and I love it! I truly do, but I would like a little sleep every time and again!


merry christmas

I Love this time of year!!!

I haven’t had a chance to get stuff up on here since all I do is look at a computer screen all day.  I wish there was a magic photoshop action that you could press and all my photographs could be complete… but that’s not the case, and I’m sure they will never been anything like that while I’m alive.

I love meeting with people, and doing the actual shoot and planning, but it is the editing I dread. I don’t mind it when I am very busy as it can be very fun and you can play around with new things. It’s the fact that I hand edit everything. Every single photograph and it is a very intense process. One that it can take me a half hour to an hour to edit one photo. For basic edits, it takes me less than 5 minutes, but have you seen my work? There isn’t much of a basic edit, ha!

I’m looking forward to the holidays and getting this workload out to folks so it brings smiles to their faces! I can’t wait for folks to see their albums!! Next year, I plan on doing things differently. My books were sold out for the year in early September and I had to turn folks away!

Also, next year we are planning some special sessions. I have private access to a few locations.. Think flowers and lots of them.  I will be holding different sessions throughout the Spring and Summer season when things are in peak bloom.  I am actually very excited for next year as we will be offering a unique product line and special stylized sessions!!!

Think gorgeous gowns and beautiful scenery! What can be better than that?


beautiful couple 3

Photo session at a private and stunning horse farm in South Jersey.

I’ve managed to develop some great friendships and relationships with people and they are kind of enough to let me use their property.

Next year there are some big plans ahead and I can’t wait to have some much needed downtime (since I don’t do studio work) this winter.

Who am I kidding? People are actually booking me for January! Ha!  Hey, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I honestly feel incredibly blessed to be able to capture some beautiful memories for families and all kinds of folks.  This is a fun field.

Okay, well work calls me back to edit. I will probably be up editing for a bit. I’ll update this real soon!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!





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