A Magical Day in Moorestown, New Jersey

A Magical Day in Moorestown, New Jersey

I truly LOVE and adore great light!  It is what I’m about! I’m extremely picky where I like to have my clients photographed at because I want to give them the very BEST out of their sessions!  I choose my locations on great light and excellent landscapes. I love rustic, country-barn inspired, urban and anything in between.  However, NONE of these will work if you don’t have good light.  I LOVE South Jersey and I have travelled and explored every county for places to shoot at due to this nature. I have even written books on places to seek out in Southern Jersey… After all, it’s what I am about. I love capturing joy, beautiful light and giving my clients THE BEST…


Btw, You CAN have good light during high noon, if you choose the right spot.  Yes, it can be difficult however a true artist can shoot anywhere, anytime of day to find light to work with. Being mostly a natural light photographer (although I will pull out the off camera flash once in awhile, perhaps 1% of the time), it’s my job and responsibility to find the good light.

This beautiful little girl was turning three and mom wanted to celebrate this time in her life.  I wanted to give her an experience to remember, but also something very magical.  Something that captures the pure essence of childhood!

This family resides in Burlington County so I suggested this location in Moorestown. The light is always incredible and I love the true naturalistic and rustic aspect of it. I’m never bothered, nor do I run into many folks when I’m here. It’s practically my own photographer’s paradise.  There are a few meadows and wildflowers that bloom in the spring and summer. Best of all it has that great western sunset light. The best time there and when it shines, is at golden hour… Which is a photographer’s haven.

DSC04759-Edit copy

Aww! Happy 3rd birthday you sweet little girl!!! You are too cute for words!

I found a nice tree to hang up a few props of mine that would go well with the theme that mom wanted. She wore pink (which went well with the pretty canopy I have there and have a touch of blue in her necklace to match with her balloons.


DSC04737-Edit copy

Such joy and beauty!!! I love little kids!!!


DSC04816-Edit copy

Smile girl! You are going great places!!!

As you can see, I’m really into those warm beautiful sunset tones lately. I love the colors at sunset and I like to play with them in post production. I also think it looks great here with the rustic aspect of the landscape and background.


DSC05030-Edit copy

I love in the moment captures and kids just being kids!

Love the way the blue plays off the oranges of the sunset!


DSC04922-Edit copy

She’s capturing “magic.”


I love the way she is looking at the light with her magical wand!


DSC04999-Edit-Edit copy

Fairy dust!

You can’t be magical without a little fairy dust and wings, right?


Magic at the end of the rainbow.


Who doesn’t love a rainbow?  I love the pinks, blues and oranges that play off of this compositon!


As you can see, I truly love capturing children, in all of their essence. I adore movement and letting kids be kids. I try and magic it magical for each one of my clients… Yes, even the adults!!!  And… yes, I do capture adults only… I will post more soon!


I had over 200 session in 2015 and need to get them up on here to showcase!


Hope you enjoyed some of my photographs from a somewhat recent session! I will be posting more throughout this winter to catch up on featured blogs/sessions to show you!


Until we meet again, folks!


Happy Shooting!!!







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