One Crazy Winter

One Crazy Winter

Hi there South Jersey! Boy, has it been one crazy winter… hasn’t it?! I am STILL working this winter!!! We had a nice little warm period for a bit until it turned into the New Year and it’s been a bit cold ever since!!! I’m still getting caught up on my December gallery deliveries, however, I’m hoping to knock everything out by the end of this week!!

I have some very exciting news!!! Just because it snows, doesn’t mean it should deter you from shooting!!! Especially, maternity photographs!  My client wanted a beautiful winter wonderland session. In fact, I went so far as to learning how to photoshop one in… but I got lucky.. real lucky.. It snowed!!! And it was the first snowfall of the year!!!!

My beautiful snow princess got her wish!!! Here is her photograph taken within this last week!

This past week was a pretty incredible week for myself as an artist.  I have worked so hard this year. It’s been many hours of blood, sweat and tears honestly.  Many days away from my family and my growing young children…





It’s not everyday you get to photograph a Snow Princess in South Jersey!!!


I have been following a dream. MY DREAM and no one is going to stop me from it. I’ve worked too hard to let anyone ruin that for me and will continue to push ahead!  One place, I’ve always looked up to is this magazine…. Inspire Digital or Not.  The attached is their Facebook page.


Now, this page may not sound like anything to you, but my IDOLS have been published and featured here. Everyone from LJ Holloway, Katrina Parry, Tara Lesher, Lilia Alvarado and the list goes on.  The huge game changers of this industry have been featured.

Well, I got my wish this week… or I guess my dream finally came through.  I was published FOUR TIMES this week. FOUR.. With four different images. My images use to get rejected and not even get a nomination and this week FOUR featured images.  THIS IS HUGE NEWS to me.

To be featured among the best in the world and with folks I’ve come to admire… and for only being in this business for less than a year… Yup, February will be my first FULL year in business.  This is big news to me. Big news on how much I have grown and improved. I have moved mountains this last year to get to the level I have gotten to!  It’s unreal!!!

I have Meg Bitton to thank greatly for this. I will blog about her in a bit.  I took a workshop with her back in December and it was a game changer for myself and where I saw this business going… where its future lies.


This was another published image on Inspire.  The dog”s name is Bentley!

Meg Bitton is one of the world’s greats… and if I’m going to learn.. it will be from the best!!!  I have signed up for another of her workshops for this September with her and Sandra Bianco (another great and very well-known artist in this industry).



Taken at Smitville, Burlington County.


Another artist that I will be learning under this year is Elena Shumilova.  She’s considered one of the top 5 photographers in the world and I am extremely blessed to have landed into her workshop this year.

This workshop will be two days of beautiful bliss for me!!!


I am continuing my education in between workshops. I have taken up a few editing workshops and plan to take a local workshop with some well-known folks in our area.



Two sisters kissing in Salem County, New Jersey.


This year is MINE. I am going after it. I am giving my best and best of all… I am going to be me and let my work shine for myself and for my clients!!! I am so very excited. PHOTOGRAPHY is where my heart is and where it lies… I couldn’t be happier.  It is my joy and I enjoy capturing art for my clients!!!


Don’t let this winter drag you down… As you see, with the images above, winter can still be absolutely beautiful. You just have to look for it!!! It’s there. I am looking forward to spring and looking forward to my gowns and dresses to be utilized!!!


Bring it on South Jersey and Philly!!! We’ll see you soon! I have a ton of blog posts and sessions that I need to get up here!!!


Happy Shooting!







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