The New Year!

The New Year!

Wow we are excited for 2016!  We have been purchasing gown after gown… Size after size. Headpiece after headpiece! This year is a whole new year for Shooting Star Photography and for South Jersey!

We are now launching full stylized sessions. We will having clothing options from sizes 2T all the way up to a size 14.  Think Anna Triant high fashion ball gowns for little girls to be dressed up in…  Yes, we have purchased a few of her gowns.  Handmade gowns from all of the world and from our backyard (in the region).

We are excited for this new launch and direction for our business!!!  We will be the first in this area to offer stylized sessions. Below, is a few of the dresses that we have ordered and will have available to our clients. We also have tons of tutus and lace and other dresses too!




Does this get you excited? It gets me excited!!! Haha!!


A few of the places we will have lined up for this year… And they are all private properties..


Peony fields, daylily farm, gladiolas farm, sunflowers, azaleas, cherry blossoms and a few private horse farms.


We are excited to also expand onto the Philadelphia metro markets like the Mainline, Bucks County, Princeton area and onto Delaware!


I’m ready! It’s time. Let’s bring it!!! If only this snow would go away!!! However, I’m having fun in that as well! You will see some other posts about it up on the blog!!!



Also, if you plan to book a session, please reserve your spot immediately.  We book out FAST! Our busiest times of the year are late spring through fall. We are still doing sessions in this cold winter, which I find crazy, but hey, if my clients don’t mind… I don’t!


Also, we are launching a new product line!!!

Happy Shooting, my friends and we’ll see you soon!



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